Friday, 4 January 2013

benefit 'how to look the best at everything' and POREfessional review

This holy bible like flawless complexion kit contains some of Benefit's most popular, cult products such as POREfessional and Hello Flawless foundation. The kit also contains the boi-ing concealer which comes in two shades, and the Hello Flawless powder. I picked up the 'light' shade, it also comes in medium and deep. I'm planning on doing a full review on the foundation and the concealer, so for now I'll tell you my views on POREfessional.

POREfessional is a balm which aims to reduce the look of your pores. It comes out a slightly beige colour. As soon as you apply this, it feels so velvety and smooth, it really does feel amazing. I was really disappointed about it though. For me, my pores looked exactly the same, no reduction, no cover up, no nothing. I do think this is really good as a primer though. It creates a smooth, even base for your foundation to go over. I don't use a moisturiser when I'm using this, I'll just use a toner and then apply this. I find it's already quite hydrating, if I had moisturiser, then this, then foundation I don't think it'd stick as well, if that makes sense! I feel it'd be difficult for the foundation to settle.

Back to the kit! The samples are quite small, but for £24.50, what can you expect? I love the size of the concealer though and the fact you can take them out and pop them in your bag is a plus. I do wish you could take the powder out though, or even that it had a lid on it. All you get is a plastic cover that isn't stuck to the box so it slides out all the time, but with the tips and tricks "book" on the top, sometimes the page opens and it gets the powder which is annoying. The tips and tricks book is great though, especially for people just starting out doing makeup seriously. You can open both sides to reveal a mirror and there's 5 pieces of advice. I absolutely love that, I think it's such a good addition to it.

Overall I'm completely impressed with this product. Find a link to it here and have a look for yourself!


  1. I really want to try this out as I've never tried any Benefit make-up before so this would be a good starting point! X

    1. I'd never tried anything from Benefit, but I definitely recommend it, gives you a chance to try out some of their most popular products :) x

  2. Great review, I only have limited experience with benefit so would definitely love to try this out! Frankie x

    1. Thanks! It's great value for less than £25! :-) xx

  3. I've been meaning to try out that foundation, how are you getting on with it so far?

    Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, not sure if you've already done it yet but if not please check out this link :)


    1. Not getting along so well! :( going to review it tonight so look out :-). Thank you so much! I'll have a look, thank you :) xx

  4. my face is really oily kind and will this suit for my skin type? Only some products really i can use on my face, i normally use lakme face foundation cream and its good too. but yeah i would ,like to try this out too,.

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