Monday, 5 August 2013


On impulse, I threw the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser into my Boots shopping basket after hearing just two reviews. I didn't even try this out using the sample pot. You know when you just know something will be great? Well I was right.

This gel-like moisturiser is absolutely perfect for Summer giving your skin an instant boost of hydration that sinks in quickly whilst still being light-weight. What more could you want?! It's incredibly fresh and a perfect morning treat with the orange scent. This is brilliant under makeup as I find it quite priming - it smooths out my skin and gives it a lovely, fresh glow. It leaves my skin a little plumper and healthier looking, which is always a plus.

The effects of it do tend to last all day which is perfect - working in a hot shop with a steamer running all day long really dries out my skin, but this keeps me baby soft aaaall day long. I have tried the moisturiser's bigger sister, the GinZing Eye Cream and I wasn't overly impressed, mainly due to the highlighting shimmer. After all, this is skincare, not make up! But overall I can definitely say this is a huuuuge thumbs up from me.

Have you tried the GinZing moisturiser? What do you think, tempted to try it?!

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  1. This has been at the top of my wish list for way too long! I've heard only good things about it! Lovely review :) xx

  2. I sniff this everytime I go into Boots but I still haven't purchased the full size, it's worth it just for the smell though in my eyes! Try using the GinZing eye cream at night time too, I do this instead of applying it in the morning and I've found it to work a lot better for me x

    1. Hahahah, it smells amazing! I'll definitely give that a go! x

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