Thursday, 19 March 2015


I confess, I am a sucker for a matte lip. The glossy, shiny, even a slight sheen in a lip in enough to leave me looking weary eyed.

What's not to love? They are easy, smudge-proof, stick around through burger or beer and add statement to an unfinished face. Yes, yes sometimes they can be a bit drying, even the most expensive matte lipstick in my stash can leave my lips without the moisture they desire, but that's what balm was invented for. Above are just a few of my top picks, my favourite being Nars Cruella which I very kindly received in the lip set that everyone coveted over the Christmas period (thank you, Mike - I am eternally grateful).

Generally I'm a drugstore girl for lip products - don't get me wrong I have a couple of YSL, MAC and Clarins residing in my collection, but I don't find there are that many matte formulas out there in the high end world that really take my fancy. If you have any recommendations, leave some in the comments because I'm definitely in the market. The products I reach for the most are definitely the Bourjois Rouge Velvet ones. The isn't a dud shade in the line up and the formula is on point, it feels SO weird on the lips, it's very thin and barely there but the pigment is unbeatable. They're so comfortable and I definitely reach for them on a daily basis. My favourite shade is Nude-ist, it's not the one pictured above as I couldn't find it at the time (low and behold it was in my handbag - no surprise there) but if I'm ever stuck in a rut, not sure of what's going to look good, this is always a good bet.

Leave me your recommendations below! And if you have a non-matte lipstick that you think could convert me then I'll give it a go.


Thursday, 12 March 2015


I don't normally use Maybelline products, but when I do, eye browse... (good one, Jaz).

On a day to day basis I don't tend to mess around with my brows too much - no one has got time for that - but if I don't use something, I often run the risk of looking like Cara Delevigne with the bleached brows. Generally I like to keep my eyebrows looking defined but relatively natural and this just gets that DONE. It takes 2 minutes to sweep and groom each brow to perfection leaving them perfectly shaped and a shade more like my hair colour.

This bad boy doesn't just do natural, oh no. It layers so nicely, so on the nights out or days where I have a little more time to primp and preen myself I like to smooth this on my filled in brows to give them the bushy look we all like.

I just don't feel like my face looks finished without a slick of this, so Maybelline, thank God eye browsed...


Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Yes girls, the struggle is real. As a daily glasses wearer I don't care what the heck gets put on my face - it's all very slap, dash and go. But for the evening drinks or times when I want to look a little more put together, the specs have to be taken into consideration.

I love doing a good eye shadow look, a fancy crease look or a smoky eye, and whilst for some people the glasses may make it look better, I find it suits much better to keep it simple on the lids and a sleek winged liner. Touch wood, I'm not bad at doing a wing, but more on that another day. I find it all just frames the eyes without them being too over bearing, after all, having black framed glasses already have a big impact so don't overdo it.

The worst part of wearing glasses is all the foundation rubbing off the side of your nose wear they sit - it just looks disgusting. I don't think anything can stop this at all, but a good setting powder around the area definitely holds it in place a touch longer.

When the glasses are out, I like to stick to a nice lip colour for the main event. Any boldish colour will do, but in particular I've been loving this Revlon Moisture stain lately. I hate glossy lips, it really just doesn't suit me, so I like to stick to satin/matte shades. I like to rub this colour into my lips for ages, and I mean ages, until it creates a lovely stain that stains all day long. Yeah it gets a bit patchy through the day but that's to be expected, but a quick top up leaves it looking fresh again.

What are your top tips? I'm in dire need of a hand...


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