Thursday, 21 November 2013


Yep, I've been buying again! The sad thing? This isn't even all of it. Add on a Clinique Cleansing Balm, Clarins makeup, Stella McCartney perfume, many new candles and a hell of a lot more, and you'll be close to the job lot!

So I've accumulated this bunch since I moved out and absolutely loving it all. My favourites have been the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which has turned into one of my favourite foundations in my collection. The Leighton Denny top coat is absolutely incredible, but more about that soon...

I recently bought some Crown brushes, however on the first time of using them, they were shedding! So as soon as I sent them back, I went to my trusty Real Techniques and bought the Eye Brushes, a Shading Brush and a Powder brush. Luck obviously wasn't on my side when it came to brushes as annoyingly my powder brush started shedding. I was told to inform them, and the lovely people sent me a new brush AND a Kabuki Brush for free - lovely, lovely people!

How beautiful is the YSL Lipstick? I just couldn't resist a new red shade for the Christmas season. I prefer matte lipsticks to anything glossy, but this stands somewhere in between with a slight glossy/satin finish, but it can easily be patted down for a more natural effect.

So here's just a snapshot of what I've been buying! I have two London trips coming up soon, so I can't promise that I'm gonna be good... Thank God for Student Finance!

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Monday, 18 November 2013


How damn good does that food look?! When I got an email asking if I'd like to try out the new Pizza Express Lunch Menu*, I was all over it like a rash and texted my boyfriend quicker than if the world was ending. As a new student living off chicken goujons and packet rice, this was lux.

I got the absolutely amaaazing American Romanita Pizza whilst Mike ordered the Lasagne Verde and we had some Polenta Chips to share.
My Pizza was gorgeous, with a thin, crispy almost flatbread like base and it was the perfect size for lunch. Mike's lasagne looked and smelled gorgeous, and apparently tasted it too! The Polenta Chips were odd, like nothing I'd ever eaten before, but were really nice!

The service was great. Before we'd even started ordering or anything, one of the waitress' came over to compliment me on my perfume! It was incredibly quick, which is perfect for those on a short lunch break.

I'll definitely be heading back there to try out more of the menu as it's really inexpensive for such a nice meal, with the Lasagne coming in at £4.85 and the Pizza at £5.95.
The new lunch menu is currently trialling in Sheffield and Leeds, so if you're near by, pop on in and give it a go!

Plus, it was a great reason to go for a date with this guy :)


Thursday, 14 November 2013


It's no secret that the longer you're in a relationship, the less frequent the romantic gestures become. Reviving the spark doesn't have to involve time-consuming, grand or expensive acts of love - while Hollywood might have convinced us otherwise, smaller and more thoughtful plans will go down much better than large public displays! Remind your partner that you're thinking of them every day with these four sweet ideas.

Breakfast in bedGet up a little early and make them their favourite breakfast or a special treat, like a full English or some delicious pancakes. Try and stay quiet in the kitchen, and let the delicious breakfast smell wake them up instead of the alarm. The look of pure delight on your partner's face should be enough to brighten your day, but you might also get some leftovers!

Make a mixtapeYou probably won't want to use an actual cassette tape - this isn't the '80s! Create a playlist of all your other half's favourite songs, with a few classic love ballads thrown in for good measure. Burn it on to a CD or pop it on their iPod for them so that they'll have something a bit special to keep them awake on their commute to work.

Hidden messagesQuick, easy and effective, this tip is sure to make the love of your life feel appreciated. Write little messages or draw doodles and leave them in places where your partner will soon spot them, like above the bathroom mirror or stuck on the fridge. This can also be a cute and quirky way to present them with a gift: poke a card between the pages of a book, tuck it in the pocket of one of these fabulous ladies' jackets or place it inside a DVD case to give them an extra surprise when they unwrap your present.

Dinner is servedSurprise your partner by having their favourite meal waiting for them when they get home. It doesn't matter whether you cook it yourself or get a takeaway: as with all these ideas, it really is the thought that counts!


Monday, 11 November 2013


By Laura, International Engagement Officer at Mallzee & the Mallzee team (

No two days are the same here at Mallzee HQ, however we do have some beloved rituals we like to enforce whenever possible. Be it a Thursday hog roast lunch, cheeky snuggle from everyone’s favourite office dog or even just a quick cardamon coffee, it’s often the little things that help make the magic happen at Mallzee HQ.  


The Mallzee team start to arrive. A coffee and something to munch on is a must to see us through the day. 

Our days are often crazily busy so we think it’s important to have a catch-up in the morning to see what everyone is up to. We often like to hold these meetings inside a giant magnifying glass. And no, we feel absolutely no need to explain why. FASHION, darling.

Work work work… even when it’s blazing sunshine outside. 

Thursday lunchtime at Mallzee HQ is a very important time- it’s HOGROAST DAY! 12:30pm marks the time when we brave the cold and visit THEE place to be on Thursday lunchtime. It’s an exciting time at Mallzee HQ, as you can see…

Afternoon coffee…

...and a cuddle with office dog Alfie

What mid-day slump? Our developer Ro, happily working away building a shopping revolution…

Okay, maybe a little afternoon slump, time for another coffee (YAY at the Christmas cup!)

Caffeine fix sorted, Laura and Rachel are heading to the Scotland Redesigned event at Harvey Nichols tonight. Cameras at the ready!

Scotland Redesigned event. Time to mingle…


After a long day, it’s time to head home…

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