Monday, 11 November 2013


By Laura, International Engagement Officer at Mallzee & the Mallzee team (

No two days are the same here at Mallzee HQ, however we do have some beloved rituals we like to enforce whenever possible. Be it a Thursday hog roast lunch, cheeky snuggle from everyone’s favourite office dog or even just a quick cardamon coffee, it’s often the little things that help make the magic happen at Mallzee HQ.  


The Mallzee team start to arrive. A coffee and something to munch on is a must to see us through the day. 

Our days are often crazily busy so we think it’s important to have a catch-up in the morning to see what everyone is up to. We often like to hold these meetings inside a giant magnifying glass. And no, we feel absolutely no need to explain why. FASHION, darling.

Work work work… even when it’s blazing sunshine outside. 

Thursday lunchtime at Mallzee HQ is a very important time- it’s HOGROAST DAY! 12:30pm marks the time when we brave the cold and visit THEE place to be on Thursday lunchtime. It’s an exciting time at Mallzee HQ, as you can see…

Afternoon coffee…

...and a cuddle with office dog Alfie

What mid-day slump? Our developer Ro, happily working away building a shopping revolution…

Okay, maybe a little afternoon slump, time for another coffee (YAY at the Christmas cup!)

Caffeine fix sorted, Laura and Rachel are heading to the Scotland Redesigned event at Harvey Nichols tonight. Cameras at the ready!

Scotland Redesigned event. Time to mingle…


After a long day, it’s time to head home…

Want to see what tomorrow holds for the Mallzee team? Follow us on Twitter @MallzeeHQ to find out about what we’re up to!
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