Thursday, 28 February 2013

ready for spring #4 - Balanced Diet, Skincare Saviours

Skincare is vital, no matter the season, and although we always want luminous, soft, clear skin, we seem to bare more of it during Spring/Summer.

All year round, I find myself reaching for Simple's Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. Whilst most people prefer the lighter version, I find this one is peeerfect. It makes a great base for my makeup, keeps my skin soft, hydrated and is very gentle.

You'll have seen me speak about this product here, and I am still in love with the Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. It's refreshing, hydrating and I really do find it kind of radiating.- I don't know if it's just because it's supposed to be or not though haha!

I received a sample of the Origins Balanced Diet Lotion and I need it! It's fairly pricey, but feels so lovely and luxurious, it also has a lovely scent which wakes you up nicely. Perfect base for makeup as it absorbs quickly but leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft.
Another Origins product is the GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. This is the perfect eye cream for S/S as it is super brightening as has a refreshing, zesty scent. It may seem a bit shimmery at first, but this subsides once soaked in.

Now I know I'm not the only one to neglect my body when it's comes to moisturising, I hate that awful, irritating feeling when you're blowing at it trying to get it to dry so you can get into bed without sticking to everything you touch. I was recently converted by the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk, but I really want to try out the Body ButterCream, just out of interest!

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir was a tricky one - does it come under Skincare or Makeup, kind of? I thought Skincare seemed much more appropriate. This will be perfect for summer as I often find my makeup looking a bit crappy and cakey after a while in the summer. A couple of spritz of this and it claims to give you a smoother, glowing complexion, instantly refreshing your face without disturbing anything. I've also heard this makes you feel better in yourself too, what do you think?

I've bought plenty of goodies for my 100 ffollower giveaway so watch this space!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ready for spring #3 - Plushest Punch and BB creams

Since I started blogging in October, I pretty much threw away any make up that seemed to be pretty crappy and any new make up I bought was very Autumn/Winter based - dark lips, kind of medium to heavy coverage foundation etc. It's about time I thought about buying more Spring/Summer directed items.

I've chosen the DrJart+ Regenerating BB Cream for four reasons; it's a lighter coverage to any foundation I have, it will adapt my any changes in my skin colour (not that I tan anyway!), it has SPF 30 which is incredible and this formula will be perfect for my skin type. There are four different BB creams aimed at all skin types - this one will be perfect for me as it's hydrating yet will combat any redness or blemish I have whilst still brightening the skin.

I've not reached for this once in around 6 months as I've loved the dewy skin look, however I think I'll be getting some use out of the cult product Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder this summer. I've only used a dusting of my MUA Pressed Powder lately to make my make up to stay put, but through Summer the heat may mean a bit more movement in my base products, so I think I'll be buying this just to give my products a little more longevity and control any oils.
I love the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara, it's amazing at separating, lengthening and giving volume to my lashes, but it's time to go waterproof, for obvious reasons!

Being a bit of a ghost girl, I do need to add warmth and contour to my face, and I really need to buy a new bronzer. This Jouer Replenish and Protect Hydrating Bronzer Powder is a gorgeous shade and to make it even better, it's hydrating with an SPF of 39 (39, seriously?) This would look perfect with a little coral blush on the apples of the cheeks!

Blue liner looks like it will be making a come through in Spring/Summer and I think this Eyeliner Cake in Danger by Illamasqua will be perfect. With it being a powder, you could maybe use it in your crease or when doing a smoky eye, but the main thing you can do is mix with a bit of water or Sealing Gel and use this as an eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. I think it'd look amazing!

Finally, everyone knows my love for my this product, but I feel the colour I own now will be too dark for everyday. This Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Plushest Punch will be light enough for a day time look but still add an opaque, hydrating coverage.

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Monday, 25 February 2013

ready for spring #2 - bright monochrome

For me, Spring is a time for statement clothing which is why I love this Topshop Lime Green Knitted Tuck Stitch Jumper (long name!). There's still going to be rain or chill through Spring and I think this will be perfect for keeping the weather away and brightening up your outfit! This would look brilliant paired with the essential, Black Skinny Leigh Jeans from Topshop. You don't want anything that will clash with the green so under-state everywhere else.

I LOVE monochrome and stripes, and this multi-striped top from H&M is no exception. The diagonal stripes are really going to bring you in at the waist creating a lovely hour-glass look.

Long-ish sleeves are a must for me, I hate having my arms on show, so when I'm wearing a short sleeved item, it's essential I wear a jacket/cardigan. I fell in love with this beautiful Red PU Trim Jacket from Miss Selfridge. Perfect when you're running late in a morning and need something to give your outfit that little bit more.

Finally metallics. These are really gonna catch peoples eye, literally. The sun will hit every single person haha! But this little black ombre beauty from River Island is so pretty! Definitely perfect for a few drink, or maybe shopping. It's efforless yet so beautiful.

Find the first post of my Ready for Spring series here!

What did you guys think? I'm not really used to doing anything about Fashion, but I thought I'd dip my toe in the pool! I'd love your feedback :)

ready for spring #1 - cobalt blue

I'd say Spring is one of my favourite seasons - it's not too warm, not too cold, it's light in a morning, light-ish when I'm leaving work, and it's the perfect time for bright looks. Over this next week, I'll be posting 'Ready for Spring' articles, so keep your eyes peeled and be ready for Spring yourself!

Barry M's Nail Paint in Cobalt Blue is absolutely beautiful. It's a lovely, rich colour that is perfect to brighten up any outfit.
I'm sorry my nails are pretty grubby in this picture - I actually painted them on a bus so I couldn't apply a top coat, but when you do, they look glossy and can be very eye catching.
It applies like a dream - two coats and you're left with an even, opaque finish.

This is definitely going to be a staple in my Spring/Summer collection. I have plenty of blues, yet this one always stands out the best.

What's your must have Spring shade?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer

I'd recently ran out of my primers, and was stuck in a bit of a rut. I find high street primers to be really expensive, and for something that I'm not entirely sure works, it goes through me paying for it. But I feel like I've missed a step when I don't wear it.

I popped into my local Superdrug and Boots, and this was probably the cheapest, but nicest primer that I came across.
It cost me £5 which is definitely one of the most expensive items from the MUA range, but since it's newly released I'd imagine the price will come down gradually.

MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer is really, really nice. It reminds me of the Benefit PoreFessional primer in that it's really velvety and clears any oil away leaving a really smooth, matte and clear canvas for the rest of your face products and you barely use any of it, just half a pump is enough for me. The only obvious difference is the colour as this is a clear formula. I've heard quite a few bloggers dislike it as you can't see where you've applied the product, but I have no problem with this at all, you can quite clearly feel where you've applied it! Even though it removes any excess oil, it's not drying at all.

Lately I've had a few problems with my foundations and such as it just looked awful. No matter how I applied it or what I used or how I prepared my face, my makeup just seemed to sit and look cakey. When I wore this I didn't have a problem at all. I found myself using less foundation and and it left a really nice finish. It claims to be radiating, however I've not really noticed much of a difference with this, but I'm not too fussed about this, it's not the reason I got it.

What are your opinions? Have you tried the foundation? I was super curious about it!

latest in beauty, complexion perfection kit

When I came across Latest in Beauty, I had no idea what it was. In fact, I don't even know how I found it. But I must have spent half an hour on the website thinking 'what an amazing idea! Why did I not know about this before?!'.

I got drawn to their collections and although I was trying not to spend anything, I just HAD to buy their Complexion Perfection kit, as it contained two products I was dying to try - the Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel and, of course, Benefit's They're Real mascara. Since the Pixi Cheek Gel was worth £12 on it's own, I felt it was more than justified that I should get it.

So this is what I received! I've not tried any of the products yet apart from the eyeshadow brush which I absolutely hated. It really made my eye lids sore, it was not soft at all. But nevermind, I can get over that!

You can see the swatches above, and just look at the lasting power of the Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Velvet. In the last picture, that was how the eyeliner looked after I wiped over the swatches with water and a flannel cloth. It didn't budge at all! I literally had to scrub it with a soap to remove it, and even then I was left with a bit of a mark and a sore arm! Amazing lasting power though. The Cheek Gel looks AMAZING. Exactly the colour I love. I had a bit of a play with this on the back of my hand and I loved that you could sort of choose how intense you wanted the colour. The more I rubbed it in, the paler it went until becoming transparent, yet if I lightly rubbed it in, I could get a more intense colour... I hope that makes sense! The Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder is incredibly scary. That colour is just.. bright and.. glitter. Not too sure how I feel about this. I think I might try mixing it in with a moisturiser or even a foundation just so it's not so in your face.

When I open the Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation and squeezed the tube, a massive amount of oil came out. I was like 'is this supposed to happen..'. I wiped it away though and out came the foundation. Still quite oily so this would be good for dry skin, steer clear if you're oily though! It looks like a nice colour match for me too. One massive no-no though was the scent. It was awful, incredibly artificial and floraly. I expect they tried to make the scent match the organic label, but who knows.

I'm really looking forward to trying these products. No doubt you'll see them in a What's on my Face, or maybe in their own reviews if I'm impressed, so keep an eye out!

dainty doll blusher - 004 You Are My Sunshine. My definite Summer Shade!

I'm 100% sure I've found my summer shade. Dainty Doll is a brand I've always wanted to try, being fair skinned, it's obvious why - the shade are bound to suit my skin.

Dainty Doll blusher in 004 You Are My Sunshine is SO beautiful. When swatched, it's a gorgeous coral - pink with a golden shimmer infused. For me, this seemed incredibly daunting, I feared it would be very in your face and the shimmer would just be too much, as I much prefer a subtle colour. I couldn't be more wrong! The golden shimmer created a lovely sheen to my cheek bones and make my skin look dewy and bright. I wore this higher on my cheeks than I usually would as it definitely doubles as a highlighter.

The blush is really pigmented and brilliant to work with. I often find myself scared of cheek colours, they're difficult to work with and I just look ridiculous, however I really loved this. It was quick and easy to apply, there was no fall out what so ever and it blended in really nicely with my bronzer. I used my Real Techniques Contour Brush, featured in a post here, to blend this colour in and it worked really nicely providing me with accurate application.

I can really see this product lasting my a long time and cannot wait to wear it in the summer! I can really see the gold shimmer creating the perfect look. I really want to try out more from this brand. I've not heard such positive reviews about the foundation, so maybe I'll stick to blush for now.

What do you guys think, does it suit me?! I also thought it was quite similar to MAC Stereo Rose MSF, but I've not got that product, so I can't say for sure! Love to hear your recommendations.

Monday, 18 February 2013

my bedside beauty cabinet, have a nosy!

Hey guys, a bit of a personal post today, I guess! I thought I'd let you have a nosy at what's on my bedside cabinet. As I definitely have the shoe box bedroom, I can't fit my make up box in it at all, so I have to leave that downstairs ready for the mornings.
On my bedside, I like to keep my essentials, the things I do right before bed, right after waking up and as I'm about to leave.

I can be pretty anal about the order and set up of my cabinet, which is weird, but I like things to go kind of in size order, and everything has it's set place (I'm currently panicking as the Kylie Minogue should NOT be on the end, it's not the biggest!). The one thing I'm most proud of and want to show off the most is my perfumes.

I love perfume, it just makes an outfit, I literally never leave the house without it, I have a small bottle in my bag and a couple of bottles downstairs just in case I forget. These are definitely the ones I use most often though. I got Kyle Minogue - Music Box Gift Set, Marc Jacobs - Daisy Refill and Cacharel - Noa for Christmas this year and LOVE them. My other staples are the Versace Red JeansDiesel Fuel For Life Denim Collection and Diesel Plus Plus. They're all really versatile, so I have one I can just grab for every situation.

I don't have a huge hair styling collection, but I'm currently loving, and running out of, the Avon Moroccan Argan Oil and the Dry End Serum, which I can't find a link for! They're both really great products which I just rub into my damp hair before I sleep and let them work over night, waking up with manageable hair!

I never really used any body moisturizers before, I've never felt the need too, but here I have my Soap and Glory favourite, Smoothie Star Body Milk, and the Rich and Foamous Body Wash as my family keep stealing this! I quite like using these perfumed body lotions when I need my fragrance to last longer. I tend to apply it where I'm going to apply my perfume and it definitely helps! The DKNY Golden Delicious one has a slight shimmer to it which is perfect for a night out! I love using this Grace Cole Smoothing Body Cream before bed as it has a lovely Lavender scent which definitely helps relax me. Beside these, I have the biggest of my products, my Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Dusting Powder from Marks and Spencers, Boots Cocoa Butter and of course, Sudocrem for any sores, burns and spots!

So there's an insight into my room a bit haha! I love this little table though, so handy and it makes my room look so pretty! What's on your bedside cabinet?

how I use my Real Technique brushes

For Christmas this year, I received the Real Technique Core Collection from my boyfriend, lucky me!
I'll be honest, I'm still in a bit of a rut as to how to use them. I find myself preferring to use them for something else than is suggested. I don't find this a bad thing though, I love experimenting with them and finding out new things.

I was so stuck on how I'd use the Detailer Brush. I really didn't like it for applying or buffing concealer, but one day I used this brush to apply my eyebrow powder. You may be thinking 'what on eaaarth?!?', but I do my eyebrows pretty different to most people, perhaps I'll do a post on them soon? Anyway, I found this brush really nice for applying my powder smoothly and creating a nice finish, it was really easy to control.

The Buffing Brush - probably my favourite of the set, definitely the one I'm most confident using. I also got the Expert Face Brush alongside my kit, so I never tried to Buffing Brush for my foundation. I was in a rush once and just grabbed this one to, well, buff my make up in and was SO impressed with the results, I was definitely converted to using this one. It creates a lovely, flawless finish and is so quick as it's a big brush.  I still use my Expert Face Brush, however I'm looking to find another use for it maybe! So let me know your suggestions.

The one I like using the least is the Pointed Foundation Brush. I've always hated this type of brush for applying foundation, I feel it just drags make up along my face and it goes very streaky. I've used this one a couple of times though, if I have an area where I feel I need a little more coverage from my foundation, I use this brush to slightly press it in to my skin and then buff around it. I also think it's quite nice to go around my eyebrows as it's a lot more precise than any other face brush.

My second favourite brush, the Contouring Brush. My only problem is I can't decide what to use it for, blush or bronzer? As you can see, I've tried out blusher quite a few times, however I much prefer a bigger brush for this so I think I'll be trying it out my bronzer more often now. I'm also wanting to give it a go with a powder highlighter. I used it with my Illamasqua highlighter, but as that is so difficult to work with, it just did not work AT ALL, through no fault of the brush! Definitely going to experiment with this a lot more.

So, that's how I use them, as you can see I'm still stuck with how to use some of them! I'd love to hear how you use them, especially the Pointed Foundation Brush and the Expert Face Brush!
Also, I'd love to know if you'd like to see an eyebrows post?!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

loreal mascaras - volume million and voluminous

Both of Volume Million Lashes and Voluminous have appeared in recent posts of mine - Products Worth the Hype, My Essentials - Makeup Bag and a What's on my Face post. These have soon turned into staple products in my make up routine.

I never expected to like Volume Million Lashes as I don't usually like plastic brushes, they just don't seem to cling to my lashes right and it does a better job pulling mascara off of my lashes that putting it on. This one is different though, the brush sits in my lashes perfectly picking up every single lash no matter how small and creating lovely length and with a couple more coats makes brilliant volume. With the formula being quite wet, if that makes sense, it's a good one to keep in your make up bag for any surprise nights out, you can sweep this on to create a thicker, more defined look.

I'd never even heard of Voluminous, but I picked it up as I liked the fibre brush, but I never expected it to give me volume like the name suggests as the wand just looks so thin. I was wrong, this creates volume in only one coat, my lashes are thick, separated and really nice, they don't looked spidery or flakey at all.
I've not experienced any problems with these, they both stay put all day with very minimal flaking.

For High Street mascara, the price is a bit higher than I'd expect, Volume Million retails at £11 and better, Voluminous at around £8. I managed to get these both at Superdrug, however Voluminous isn't appearing on the website, so linked above it to .

clinique chubby stick intense - roomiest rose

I am in LOVE. Honestly, this product is SO perfect.

My beautiful boyfriend got me this for Valentines Day after I suggested it (we both said one thing we wanted!). I'd been to a Clinique counter before and picked out this shade, she put it on for me to see and I fell in love there and then.

Roomiest Rose is a lovely berry/pink shade that is light enough to wear throughout the day as well as on a night out! There's a bit of shimmer in the crayon, but this doesn't transfer too much on the lip, which is great for me. From my swatches above, you can see this shade is buildable. The swatch on the left has been applied a few times, the right has only had one quick sweep. You can also see how much of a stain they leave in the next picture. I really rubbed it with a baby wipe and it still left this stain, just amazing.

They last for a couple of hours, enhanced by this stain which you can't get in the original Chubby Sticks.
They're not drying at all, in fact they're a little moisturising and very light on the lip, it just feels like you're wearing a balm.

I love the packaging, the chunky crayon style is perfect for applying this quickly but precisely. It's great that you can twist the product up rather than sharpening which causes waste and mess.

People often compare these to the cheaper, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, with almost identical packaging, however I've not tried those, what do you think? You can buy the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense range here.

I can't wait to try out more shades from this collection, I'll definitely be buying another! Do you own any? What shades do you recommend?

Monday, 11 February 2013

my essentials - make up bag

I often stay at my boyfriends once a week, and I never know what's going to happen the next day! Will it be a lazy day, will we go somewhere, will I call into work?
I always have my make up bag packed with my versatile essentials.

I keep two eye shadow palettes, one by Estee Lauder and another by No7 (I think the products have been discontinued, sadly!). My Estee Lauder has a silvery-grey shade and a Champagne shade which is perfect for highlighting. With my No7 palette, I can create a simple, brown smokey eye for when I need to be a little more made up.

I keep the essential eyebrow kits and powder, my full coverage MaxFactor foundation and Boi-ing concealer, and my small POREfessional primer, which we all know I don't love, but it's small and handy. Alongside these, I keep my everyday MUA Blush and Avon Bronzer and my Illamasqua Illuminator, again, for days I need to look a bit better! I take my three staple mascaras with me as I love to layer these three if I need a bit more, if not I just keep it simple with the one. I also take my Apocalips and my Kate Moss Matte 107 lipstick with me just because haha! I have a nude shade and plenty of balms in my bag with me just in case.

I don't like to take my Real Techniques brushes with me in case they get damaged or anything, so I settle with a cheap powder/blush brush from Superdrug aaaaaages ago, and a small, flat brush I got from my Benefit kit. I find this is perfect for applying blusher at the moment as it's very soft and easy to blend with. I take an old eyeshadow brush I gt from Avon a while ago with me too. Although my eye products come with applicators, I can't really get along with these, I find eyeshadows incredibly difficult to blend with them!

So this is just a little glance, it may seem like a lot of products, but I like to keep my options open other wise I get stressed haha. What products are staples in your make up bag?

Clarins Daily Energizer Kit

Can I just say, sorry for the awful images! I've had a super hectic week!
For Christmas, I got myself the Clarins Daily Energizer Kit which includes the Cleansing Gel, the Wake Up Booster, the Cream and the Beauty Flash Balm, all from their Daily Energizer range. I don't have the box anymore, but I remember this kit is aimed at younger skin, from 18-30.

I had really high hopes for this, and I wasn't too disappointed! I'm not a fan of the cleanser, but that's only because I don't like gel cleansers, however it removed all my make up perfectly! My most loved product is the Wake Up Booster which I use as a toner. It's incredibly refreshing and has a really nice scent - perhaps a little artificial - but still super nice. The cream is really hydrating, soaks into the skin quickly and is light enough to use as a moisturiser under make up.
I did a review of the Beauty Flash Balm here, and although I wasn't won over there, it's certainly growing on me!

At first I didn't really believe that it was exactly energizing or brightening, but after using my Simple skincare products, I really did miss using this in a morning. It creates a lovely, smooth base for my make up and strangely, is a pleasure to wake up and use haha!

I definitely think I'd consider buying the Wake Up Booster once this smaller version is all used up. These are all great sized samples to say the entire kit costs just £15. I definitely recommend giving it a go, it's a great introduction to Clarins.

selfridges base beauty wishlist

Hey guys! So, I'm having a bit of a mare lately. I'm desperately looking for new make up. From my What's DEFINITELY Worth the Hype and What's NOT Worth the Hype posts, I know I'm looking for blusher, bronzer and foundation because these are items I'm never completely satisfied with. The only problem is, I don't have any particular products or companies in mind for what I'd like, so everything's all up in the air. I'm off to London in April so I'm compiling a bit of a wishlist of things to check out and maybe purchase whilst I'm down there!

I spent ages looking through Selfridges website, and this is the only foundation that has really appealed to me, Clinique Superbalanced Makeup. I have verrryy combination skin and love balancing skin care, so this seemed pretty appropriate. They also look to have quite a good range of colours, so it'll be one to check out.

Blush was really quite difficult too, but after picking hundreds of shades I ALWAYS wear, I've picked these two shades that I've never really tried, especially the pink Bobbi Brown blush. I'll be honest, I've no idea how it will look on me, so I'll definitely have to try before I buy! The other blush is by Stila and it's the Custom Colour Blush in shade Bronze. This is a little closer to shades I usually wear, except more pink than red and I think it could look really pretty! Going to seriously look into this one!

When looking for bronzers, I saw this bad boy from Laura Mercier called the Bronzing Duo in Coral Bronze. At £26 this is so, so expensive but those two shades are just beautiful! Maybe I wouldn't have to buy a new blush either...

Finally, one I could pick up on the high street, but I'd completely forgotten about until I came across it, the Bourjois Bronzing Powder. I could hardly see the colour choices on the website, but I remember watching a lot of bloggers raving about this product so I might just have to do a few swatches and see what I think!

So I'm not too sure if I'm 100% satisfied with everything I've chosen. If you have any favourites, pleaaase let me know, I'm stuck in such a rut!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

products DEFINITELY worth the hype :)

This follow on from my 'Products NOT worth the hype :(' post shows much more positive ones. Products I love love lovvvvveeee.
It's been strange to see that in my not worth the hype post, it was mainly foundations, yet in this post there's more lip products and mascara. Definitely know what to keep an eye out for on my next shopping trip.

Since uploading these posts, I've thought of so many more products that I think would be better fitted for them, what am I liiike! I guess it just shows how easy it is to fall in and out of love with products.

Firstly, Benefit's Boi-ing concealer. This is definitely my favourite concealer that I own, but at the price of the full size product, I'm not sure it would be really worth it. When both of the shades I was given are mixed together it creates the perfect colour, but I love to use the lightest shade on the outside corner of my eye to brighten it up. (Review here)

Everyone's favourite, Kate Moss Matte lipsticks. These were released at the perfect time and created a staple look for Winter 2012. My favourite, shade 107, was so on trend with it being deep red and for the price you just couldn't go wrong. Also, despite them being red, they weren't drying at all which was such a plus for the cold months. These are going to remain a staple item in my make up box for a longgg time I think! (Review here)

I managed to get a smaller version of Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme mascara just after Christmas and I'm scared to use it because I love it so much - I never want it to run out! It has a lovely fibre brush and creates incredible length and volume in just a couple of coats. Absolute beaut. The packaging on the full sized is beautiful, talking about beautiful packaging...

Volume Million Lashes by Loreal looks GORGEOUS. It's always one that I kind of want to show off with whenever I'm applying make up in public.. is that sad? That being said, I do not regret buying this. It clings to my lashes perfectly. It doesn't really give me instant volume, but it definitely doesn't lack on length, and it catches every single lash.

I don't even feels I have to justify Rimmel's Apocalips, you can find my review here. All I can say is, I don't like glossyness on my lips, but I will always make an exception for this. And if you haven't given into the hype, DO IT.

So what do you think, do you agree? Don't forget to check out part one which is linked above! I'd love to read yours if you've done similar posts? Link me below!

products NOT worth the hype :(

I don't really like doing negative posts, but when I was going through my make up box, it hit me there were quite a few items that I bought expecting a lot, but not enjoying them! I only chose five because I felt like such a scrooge choosing more, but there were a few more, sadly!
This is going to be a two part, with the second coming soon!

First of is MUA Cream Blush in Yummy. I don't know why, but I cannot work with cream blush at all. I just can't seem to work it properly, it leaves me with a patchy finish that just doesn't blend away. If anyone can help me out PLEASE DO!

Diorskin Nude BB Creme is a product I'm super disappointed with. I did a review here, so I won't go into too much detail. I just feel that because this was SO dark on me, even the lighter shade won't work. It sat in every single line on my face and was way too radiating that I looked gold.. Just not very nice. I did mix this in with a foundation the other day, so maybe I'll experiment with it more like this.

Okay, so not a product I hate, but it's definitely one that can be very temperamental which is very annoying - Rimmel Match Perfection. I got this before the bottle was redesigned so perhaps the formula has changed? I haven't heard anything though. Sometimes this can look really dark on me, other times it's perfect. It can be quite dry even without a powder and will sometimes flake a bit and stick to any dry patches and just look awful at the end of a day.

Mac Mineralise Satin Finish foundation - probably the most hated foundation in my make up box. It looks greasy yet is really drying, it's a light shade that ends up orange, it sticks to every hair on my face but not my skin, I just cannot express how much I HATE it. The only reason it's still there is because I'm waiting until I get a tan, maybe the greasyness and orange colour won't be as obvious then? I'm hanging onto loose threads, I know!

Finally Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer. I don't hate this product at all, I quite like it, but to me it's no where near as good as I expected. Some times it looks quite cakey or just doesn't blend very well. I still use this all the time though!

What products do you think aren't worth the hype? Look out for my products WORTH the hype coming soon!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

what's on my face

I don't always do these posts, but I really liked my make up this day, so I thought I'd show it off with a few of my new buys.

For my base, I used the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which isn't pictured here. I don't think it's amazing, but I'm really running out of primer. I followed this with my sample of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I like this foundation, it creates a lovely, medium coverage base that doesn't cling to any dry patches. It's a perfect match for my skin. I contoured with my Avon Arabian Glow bronzer (discontinued, similar product here) and put a slight bit of MUA Shade 3 blush on the apples of my cheeks. I used a bit of my Illamasqua Illuminator in Slay on my cheek bones for an added highlight, my review of this is here. I don't usually use concealer, but this time I used a bit of Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer on the end of my nose where I get shinier quicker and I put a tiny bit just on my cheeks where I felt I needed more coverage. I set it with a really light dusting of the MUA Powder.

I kept my eye make up really simple and missed out on the eyeshadow. I recently purchased Loreal's Volume Million Lashes and I'm really liking it! I wouldn't say it gave a massive amount of volume, but it separates my lashes and creates a lovely length.

Lastly, I finished up with my Apocalips in Celestial, review here. I love the colour of this but wanted to dull it down a bit and get rid of the shine, so I blotted it and then just worked it in a little with my finger - I love the effect because you still have the colour but it looks very natural.

So there you are! Would you guys like to see any more of these posts? Just comment below.
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