Saturday, 16 February 2013

clinique chubby stick intense - roomiest rose

I am in LOVE. Honestly, this product is SO perfect.

My beautiful boyfriend got me this for Valentines Day after I suggested it (we both said one thing we wanted!). I'd been to a Clinique counter before and picked out this shade, she put it on for me to see and I fell in love there and then.

Roomiest Rose is a lovely berry/pink shade that is light enough to wear throughout the day as well as on a night out! There's a bit of shimmer in the crayon, but this doesn't transfer too much on the lip, which is great for me. From my swatches above, you can see this shade is buildable. The swatch on the left has been applied a few times, the right has only had one quick sweep. You can also see how much of a stain they leave in the next picture. I really rubbed it with a baby wipe and it still left this stain, just amazing.

They last for a couple of hours, enhanced by this stain which you can't get in the original Chubby Sticks.
They're not drying at all, in fact they're a little moisturising and very light on the lip, it just feels like you're wearing a balm.

I love the packaging, the chunky crayon style is perfect for applying this quickly but precisely. It's great that you can twist the product up rather than sharpening which causes waste and mess.

People often compare these to the cheaper, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, with almost identical packaging, however I've not tried those, what do you think? You can buy the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense range here.

I can't wait to try out more shades from this collection, I'll definitely be buying another! Do you own any? What shades do you recommend?


  1. I love the intense ones best my top 3 are roomiest rose (snap!) lol, plushest punch and my fave is mightiest marachino I love it! In fact I miss it when I'm not wearing it lol!

    Great colour choice too :)

    Siobhan xxx

    1. Apparently Roomiest Rose is the best seller! Plushest Punch looks amazing too, might have to look into that one!
      Hahaha so do I! I always want to find a situation to wear it hahaha.

      Love your blog :) xxx

    2. Aww thanks hun I love yours :)... I do the exact same thing when I'm shopping - make up little scenarios of when I'll wear something for clothes or make up lol... Glad I'm not the only person to do this aha!


  2. This looks lovely! Love how it has a stain built in :)

    Nicola xo

  3. This is such a gorgeous colour! I need to get my hands on the chubby sticks

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  4. I have been dying to try out the intense range! I adore the regular chubby sticks but a bit more pigmentation would be good sometimes :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. They're just brilliant! Definitely recommend them :) xx

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