Saturday, 16 February 2013

loreal mascaras - volume million and voluminous

Both of Volume Million Lashes and Voluminous have appeared in recent posts of mine - Products Worth the Hype, My Essentials - Makeup Bag and a What's on my Face post. These have soon turned into staple products in my make up routine.

I never expected to like Volume Million Lashes as I don't usually like plastic brushes, they just don't seem to cling to my lashes right and it does a better job pulling mascara off of my lashes that putting it on. This one is different though, the brush sits in my lashes perfectly picking up every single lash no matter how small and creating lovely length and with a couple more coats makes brilliant volume. With the formula being quite wet, if that makes sense, it's a good one to keep in your make up bag for any surprise nights out, you can sweep this on to create a thicker, more defined look.

I'd never even heard of Voluminous, but I picked it up as I liked the fibre brush, but I never expected it to give me volume like the name suggests as the wand just looks so thin. I was wrong, this creates volume in only one coat, my lashes are thick, separated and really nice, they don't looked spidery or flakey at all.
I've not experienced any problems with these, they both stay put all day with very minimal flaking.

For High Street mascara, the price is a bit higher than I'd expect, Volume Million retails at £11 and better, Voluminous at around £8. I managed to get these both at Superdrug, however Voluminous isn't appearing on the website, so linked above it to .


  1. I have just ordered benefit they're real mascara - hoping it is a gudden!

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  2. Really want to try the volume million, great review!

    A little bit Unique


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