Friday, 21 February 2014


Not to bring the tone down over here, but when my Nan passed away I got a bit of money left for me. Of course I didn't want to waste that money on make up at all, so I put a bit away for a holiday, bought a computer for uni but I wanted to get something a little bit more personal. One thing she bought me nearly every Christmas was a perfume, so the first thing I thought to get was an indulgent perfume to remind me of her. The Philosykos fragrance from Diptyque had been on my lust list for ages, so it seemed a bit of a no brainer.

Now this is definitely a bit of a marmite scent, I love it yet a couple of my friends certainly aren't too keen. It's a very, very mature scent - it's not sweet at all and is very... earthy? It's figgy but also has an air of summer holidays and foreign ventures about it. At first the scent is really strong, but after a while it dies down to a lovely gentle aroma that lingers on clothes and scarfs for days on end.

I love to pair this with the Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 to give Philosykos a little kick up the back side and give it a little more of a woody smell. Also, an ode to the beautiful packaging! Without a doubt this is the most luxurious looking bottle on my dressing table, it's an absolute beaut.

Have you tried this? Do you know of any similar fragrances?

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Sleeping is something that hasn't been coming very easily to me since starting university. I can't get comfy, my mind won't settle or there's rowdy, drunken students under my window. So I've started making my bedtime routine more a ritual..

Very un-student like, I know, but I like to be in bed relaxing before 11pm - lately it's been around 9:30/10pm which is perfect! But I find sleeping so difficult, I just find it so difficult to drop off and either lay there wide awake or end up sitting up despairing. So here's my ritual before getting into bed.

Make your bed! I never make my bed in a morning, I just don't have time/effort/care to do it. But lets be honest, there's nothing nicer than a lovely looking bed to get into. So on goes the duvet with my tartan throw laid over.

Computer OFF. There's nothing more tempting than a computer to waste your time. Get it switched off.

Make up OFF, that's if I didn't do it earlier! I find giving myself a mini-facial extremely relaxing, so out come the balms, sprays and oils to get me ready.

Main light off, night light and candles on. Let's create a bit of ambiance up in here. My current candle of choice is the gorgeous Laura Mercier Roasted Chestnut Candle. For me, there's nothing more awful than the lights in my room. Getting them switched off instantly makes me sleepier.

Fill up a bottle with some fresh water and say goodnight to your flat mates. Me and Charlotte always say goodnight to each other, there's nothing worse than being distracted and having to get out of your nice, warm bed. There's also nothing better than walking into your gorgeously fragranced room that just looks so relaxing.

Get into your fresh sleep attire, apply your hand cream and lip balm and jump on in. I like to spray my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray onto my bed sheets and pillows and slick some of the oil onto my wrists at this point so the smell isn't so over-powering when it comes to sleeping.

Time to relax. For me, this means get a bit of reading in and start finishing some texts off.

Lights out, candles out, eyes shut.

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Friday, 14 February 2014


I noticed the other day just how many lip balms I have filling up my room. Who on earth needs SIX lip balms? I like to justify this by telling myself that they all do different things, which they do! Right...?

First of all, and my potential favourite of the bunch is the classic Nivea Essential Care. This definitely has more of a cream like texture which sometimes my lips cry out for and they absolutely drink this up. In the evenings, I often put hundreds of layers of this on which used to result in my family looking at me very oddly, but it just feels SO good.

Another creamy conditioner is the Grace Cole Peach and Pear Lip Balm*. I'll be honest, the taste of this is bloody fantastic, and that is the main reason I love this! Even though it's scent and taste is the main contender, this doesn't lack on the hydration front either leaving my lips supple and soft!

More of a gel formula can be found in the next four offerings, but I find myself reaching for my Carmex balms on a day to day basis. I absolutely love these for leaving the flat with, especially in this cold, windy weather. I find they create much more of a barrier, protecting my lips from the harsh weather. They soothe and heal any nasties that crop up on my lips.

Lanolips is a no brainer for times when I'm wanting a high shine finish with ultra-hydrating properties. It's super balmy and thick but not too heavy - just an absolute treat to use. You can pretty much whack this balm on any dry areas and you'll be sorted!

Finally, my night time marvel - Blistex Med Plus for Lips. I honestly do not know what I would do without this. I often get super itchy lips (?!?!) which of course leaves me with cuts and marks all over my lips. I apply a thick layer of this in the evening an wake up with extremely soft, soothed lips. It has a medicinal scent which for some reason makes me think it works more? Ridiculous, I know...

So there's my ramblings of my extensive lip balm stash. What are your favourites?!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I'm massively fussy when it comes to moisturisers. They have to be light, but super hydrating, but not irritating, but I like it to be obvious that they've made a difference.. Fussy, huh?

It took me a while to start liking the Gatineau Age Benefit moisturiser*. It's slightly fragranced and a bit too heavy for my liking, but I'll be honest, I'm hooked. I use this in the evenings and the effects this has on my skin is just like no other. It blurs every single imperfection and my skin looks glowing and fresh. I like that I can still slightly feel this on my skin in the morning as it creates a lovely base for my make up.
It's quite thick and rich but since it's the winter weather, it's exactly what my skin has needed.

The packaging is questionable. For the price of the product - an eye-watering £69.20 here - I'm not at all impressed with the obviously plastic packaging. The lid scratches so easily that it just looks awful now.
I know it's not all about packaging, but come on...

The tiniest amount transforms my face from a dehydrated mess to a soft, fresh face.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Like many people lately, I've ditched my usual neutral shaded smokey eye and picked up the trusty gel liner to get my cat eye oooonn. An extra 10 minutes getting ready, hundreds of cotton buds and an added dose of frustration later and I find myself sporting the feline flick.

This ultra feminine look leaves room for so many more activities on the rest of face. Pair with a slight flush and a bold lip or an added pinch and a neutral lip this is a day to night ready template. I've been loving wearing the new Revlon Matte Balms in Standout for a long-wearing party look.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (What a ridiculously long name..) will always be the top of the bunch when it comes to liner for me. It's ultra black, insanely long lasting but super easy to apply and build up. I like to apply it with the Real Techniques Accent Brush as it's dense enough to create a sharp line yet small enough to keep absolute control of.

I like to tight line whenever I do my feline flick just so you can't see any gaps around the lashes. For this, my absolute must-have pencil liner is from Daniel Sandler. I've absolutely raved about it here, so I won't bore you too much, but it's lasted many nights out on my tight line and I've had no transfer whatsoever.

What look have you been sporting lately? Any must have products from you guys?


Monday, 3 February 2014


When I found out I had £5 on my Space.NK Incentive Card, I was straight down there. I've been needing to expand my blush collection seeing as all my current shades are all very similar, and being a Nars blush lover already it seemed a no brainer. Mata Hari was not the shade I intended on buying - when does that ever happen? I had Gina and Douceur on my to buy list, but I was swayed by the pretty pink Mata Hari.

As with all Nars offerings, you all know that the product is 'finely milled' and extremely pigmented, but this shade gives so much more. I think it's lack of shimmer that gives this pop of colour a certain edge as it brightens yet sculpts in all the right places.

I am literally obsessed with this rosy flush, but what have you guys been loving lately?

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