Friday, 14 February 2014


I noticed the other day just how many lip balms I have filling up my room. Who on earth needs SIX lip balms? I like to justify this by telling myself that they all do different things, which they do! Right...?

First of all, and my potential favourite of the bunch is the classic Nivea Essential Care. This definitely has more of a cream like texture which sometimes my lips cry out for and they absolutely drink this up. In the evenings, I often put hundreds of layers of this on which used to result in my family looking at me very oddly, but it just feels SO good.

Another creamy conditioner is the Grace Cole Peach and Pear Lip Balm*. I'll be honest, the taste of this is bloody fantastic, and that is the main reason I love this! Even though it's scent and taste is the main contender, this doesn't lack on the hydration front either leaving my lips supple and soft!

More of a gel formula can be found in the next four offerings, but I find myself reaching for my Carmex balms on a day to day basis. I absolutely love these for leaving the flat with, especially in this cold, windy weather. I find they create much more of a barrier, protecting my lips from the harsh weather. They soothe and heal any nasties that crop up on my lips.

Lanolips is a no brainer for times when I'm wanting a high shine finish with ultra-hydrating properties. It's super balmy and thick but not too heavy - just an absolute treat to use. You can pretty much whack this balm on any dry areas and you'll be sorted!

Finally, my night time marvel - Blistex Med Plus for Lips. I honestly do not know what I would do without this. I often get super itchy lips (?!?!) which of course leaves me with cuts and marks all over my lips. I apply a thick layer of this in the evening an wake up with extremely soft, soothed lips. It has a medicinal scent which for some reason makes me think it works more? Ridiculous, I know...

So there's my ramblings of my extensive lip balm stash. What are your favourites?!



  1. I love Blistex and Carmex but recently I've been loving a Glossybox sample the Yu-Be moisturizing Skin Cream, I've been using it on my lips and adore it it soaks in nicely and leaves them feeling soft! Jess xx

  2. I have a lot more than six lip balms, I think I have a favourite has to be the nuxe reve de miel lipbalm pot x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. a girl can never have too many lipbalms! i have loads, although im working my way through them because well - i need to test them?

    em @

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