Sunday, 30 September 2012

christmas is coming!

Anyone that claims they are not excited for the Christmas season is telling lies!
What is there NOT to love about this time of year? Festive films, big, warm jumpers, watching the snow fall from the night sky, going Christmas shopping and getting a bag of hot, roasted chestnuts to warm your insides! Sounds perfect to me.
It's about time I started putting together a small wishlist to sneakily hand to the boyfriend!

First off, something I've wanted for longer than I remember!

I absolutely love Jeffery Campbells, but they are so, so expensive and working voluntary in a charity shop, I'm never going to get the funds to buy a pair of these. After searching for similar shoes, I came across these which you can find here. I think these ones are just as lovely as the originals they are based on. I would love to be able to wear some of the pastel coloured, suede pairs you can find on the Chockers website, however I definitely think I'd struggle to pull them off and find something nice to wear them with!

I'm a massive lover of perfume, I have more bottles than is normal but I would love so many more!

After reading loads of different reviews and opinions on Lady Gaga's 'Fame' perfume, I decided I had to try it myself, so popped down to the nearest Superdrug and got myself a tester. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried it! It was sweet, fresh and lasted a lot longer than I expected which I thought was very impressive considering the inexpensive price tag of £29.99. Although I appreciate everyone has different tastes, I definitely recommend people give this fragrance a try!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

We Are The Ocean Pre-Gig Concerns!

Posted 25th September

"Going to see We Are The Ocean tomorrow. After Dan’s departure from the band, I’m really interested and unsure of what to expect. I bought the tickets before the announcement as they’ve been one of my favourite bands for a long time and when I heard that my favourite member was to leave I was incredibly disappointed and to be honest, a little sad.
Although the band will never be the same again, I am really looking forward to tomorrow.
If anyone has seen them on this tour, let me know your views on their performance :-).

A little introduction! :)

Hello! So, this is my first post and I think it would be lovely to introduce myself properly :).

I'm Hayley Adams (@hayleybethadams on twitter ;)) 18 from Sheffield. I've just completed two years at a sixth form college doing English Language, Photography, Music and Performing Arts. Quite an odd range of subjects, very difficult to get a job! Despite this, I loved going to college doing subjects I was actually interested in. 

I'm taking a gap year from University this year and I am hoping to apply for a Journalism course next year. 

Oh dear, I'm definitely running out of things to tell you about.. 

As you can see, I'm not an overly interesting person, at all. 

Leave me a comment asking anything about me and I'll create another post with any answers! :)

Take care xo
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