Saturday, 29 September 2012

A little introduction! :)

Hello! So, this is my first post and I think it would be lovely to introduce myself properly :).

I'm Hayley Adams (@hayleybethadams on twitter ;)) 18 from Sheffield. I've just completed two years at a sixth form college doing English Language, Photography, Music and Performing Arts. Quite an odd range of subjects, very difficult to get a job! Despite this, I loved going to college doing subjects I was actually interested in. 

I'm taking a gap year from University this year and I am hoping to apply for a Journalism course next year. 

Oh dear, I'm definitely running out of things to tell you about.. 

As you can see, I'm not an overly interesting person, at all. 

Leave me a comment asking anything about me and I'll create another post with any answers! :)

Take care xo


I really appreciate all comments left and take my time reading and replying to them all, thank you!

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