Thursday, 21 February 2013

dainty doll blusher - 004 You Are My Sunshine. My definite Summer Shade!

I'm 100% sure I've found my summer shade. Dainty Doll is a brand I've always wanted to try, being fair skinned, it's obvious why - the shade are bound to suit my skin.

Dainty Doll blusher in 004 You Are My Sunshine is SO beautiful. When swatched, it's a gorgeous coral - pink with a golden shimmer infused. For me, this seemed incredibly daunting, I feared it would be very in your face and the shimmer would just be too much, as I much prefer a subtle colour. I couldn't be more wrong! The golden shimmer created a lovely sheen to my cheek bones and make my skin look dewy and bright. I wore this higher on my cheeks than I usually would as it definitely doubles as a highlighter.

The blush is really pigmented and brilliant to work with. I often find myself scared of cheek colours, they're difficult to work with and I just look ridiculous, however I really loved this. It was quick and easy to apply, there was no fall out what so ever and it blended in really nicely with my bronzer. I used my Real Techniques Contour Brush, featured in a post here, to blend this colour in and it worked really nicely providing me with accurate application.

I can really see this product lasting my a long time and cannot wait to wear it in the summer! I can really see the gold shimmer creating the perfect look. I really want to try out more from this brand. I've not heard such positive reviews about the foundation, so maybe I'll stick to blush for now.

What do you guys think, does it suit me?! I also thought it was quite similar to MAC Stereo Rose MSF, but I've not got that product, so I can't say for sure! Love to hear your recommendations.


  1. what a lovely shade, coral blushes are my absolute favourite x

    1. I'd never tried coral before, might find more though! Xx

  2. That looks stunning! I might have to look in to it!

    Amy xo

  3. Looks really natural! I have to try it :)

  4. This shade looks really pretty on you! The description you wrote sounds brilliant, I will have to check if this brand is available in America :)

    -Lindsey xx

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