Monday, 18 February 2013

my bedside beauty cabinet, have a nosy!

Hey guys, a bit of a personal post today, I guess! I thought I'd let you have a nosy at what's on my bedside cabinet. As I definitely have the shoe box bedroom, I can't fit my make up box in it at all, so I have to leave that downstairs ready for the mornings.
On my bedside, I like to keep my essentials, the things I do right before bed, right after waking up and as I'm about to leave.

I can be pretty anal about the order and set up of my cabinet, which is weird, but I like things to go kind of in size order, and everything has it's set place (I'm currently panicking as the Kylie Minogue should NOT be on the end, it's not the biggest!). The one thing I'm most proud of and want to show off the most is my perfumes.

I love perfume, it just makes an outfit, I literally never leave the house without it, I have a small bottle in my bag and a couple of bottles downstairs just in case I forget. These are definitely the ones I use most often though. I got Kyle Minogue - Music Box Gift Set, Marc Jacobs - Daisy Refill and Cacharel - Noa for Christmas this year and LOVE them. My other staples are the Versace Red JeansDiesel Fuel For Life Denim Collection and Diesel Plus Plus. They're all really versatile, so I have one I can just grab for every situation.

I don't have a huge hair styling collection, but I'm currently loving, and running out of, the Avon Moroccan Argan Oil and the Dry End Serum, which I can't find a link for! They're both really great products which I just rub into my damp hair before I sleep and let them work over night, waking up with manageable hair!

I never really used any body moisturizers before, I've never felt the need too, but here I have my Soap and Glory favourite, Smoothie Star Body Milk, and the Rich and Foamous Body Wash as my family keep stealing this! I quite like using these perfumed body lotions when I need my fragrance to last longer. I tend to apply it where I'm going to apply my perfume and it definitely helps! The DKNY Golden Delicious one has a slight shimmer to it which is perfect for a night out! I love using this Grace Cole Smoothing Body Cream before bed as it has a lovely Lavender scent which definitely helps relax me. Beside these, I have the biggest of my products, my Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Dusting Powder from Marks and Spencers, Boots Cocoa Butter and of course, Sudocrem for any sores, burns and spots!

So there's an insight into my room a bit haha! I love this little table though, so handy and it makes my room look so pretty! What's on your bedside cabinet?


  1. im glkad im not the only one with a bedside table with so much stuff on it ahahah i have to many favourites xxx

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