Wednesday, 17 October 2012

my 5 empties #1

I wish I had a better camera so these images looked much better, but bare with me!

1. No7 Creme Touch Face Powder £8.50
2. Barry M Nail Paint £2.99
3. Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara
4. Simple Soothing Facial Toner £2.99
5. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation £6.99

1. This No7 was such a good buy! It applies really well with the aid of a large brush and smooths out my complexion. It lasts well and also keeps it's colour good. When I was getting to the end of this product, I started to use another powder and used this as a highlighter.. sort of! By flattening out the brush into a line, I'd put the end of it into the powder and apply it onto my cheekbone/above blusher/bronzer whilst still in the line. It looked really good as it was slightly paler than my other powder. 
I hope that made sense! 

2. Anyone that knows me will know I am a massive nail varnish fan! I love Barry M because it's affordable and has lovely colours. To me, it being long lasting doesn't matter so much as I tend to change ever few days. I love this shade, it's not one I would usually go for but I will definitely be buying it again when going for a more natural, nude look.

3. I love the whole range of mascaras by Maybelline, but this was probably the first one I bought and I loved it ever since. It creates both volume and length really well in only a few applications, but it also grabs every lash creating a much fuller look. 

4. To me, this Simple skin care range are the best, high street brand out at the moment, I use most of their items, but sadly not this anymore! This toner makes your skin feel smooth and clean as well as looking fresh and even. I'm currently using a Garnier toner at the moment, so let's see what this is like and whether I should return to this one.

5. After using this foundation for around 2 years, my skin started to work against it, and it just didn't sit properly on me, it didn't look right. I've used many more since then but no foundations have worked as well as this one. It's a perfect shade for me and gives the best coverage. It feels light and it smells gorgeous!

I'm sad to see these go, but what are your opinions on these? Do you have any good alternatives? Let me know!


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