Saturday, 10 November 2012

my week in photos #1

| 1. Fireworks on Saturday! | 2. Bonfire and fireworks at Mike's family's farm was brilliant | 3. My cat is so long, he doesn't fit in the picture... | 4. Making my Christmas list! | 5. My latest book for bus journeys is Great Expectations. | 6. My face, new t-shirt from my shop is a gorgeous colour. | 7. It could only be Step Brothers! | 8. What is happening with the weather! :( | 9. Found out my old prom photo, leaving book and picture album from school, cute! |

Link me to your week in photos! I love to have a little nosy and see what my readers have been up to.
Sorry for the lack of high quality posts lately, I've been a bit lousy with it. I promise to do some better reviews soon, I just have a lot going on. I have a big decision to make, do I apply for Journalism, or Public Relations for University?! I'd love to work as a PR for a beauty magazine, but what if I change my mind along the way? Do I have more options open to me if I do Journalism, or does it make it harder for me to get the PR job?!?!
Let me know your opinions, I'd love some help!


I really appreciate all comments left and take my time reading and replying to them all, thank you!

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