Saturday, 17 November 2012

top five fragrances - perfect pressies!

Anyone who knows me, knows I never leave the house without perfume, and these are my go-to fragrances. You can find links to the products below.

Diesel Fuel For Life Denim
This smells slightly masculine, yet floral, but it so nice and long wearing. The main reason I love this is the packaging! It looks gorgeous on my perfume stand. It's not as cheap as the others, but I got this in the Christmas sales last year for a fraction of the price and I'm only half way through the bottle!
Paco Rabanne Black XS
This is pretty much my all time favourite fragrance, it's sweet, recognizable and incredibly long wearing. I get so many compliments when I wear this, but it is at the end of it's bottle now, sadly. Some people might find it over-powering and a bit sickly, but I love it.

DKNY Golden Delicious 
I lose count of how many people compliment me on this perfume. Again, another that's at the end of it's life, but I have another DKNY apple fragrance on my list. It really does smell like a Golden Delicious apple, not too artificial. I usually wear this on a night out/meal, something I have to look nice for and it really makes my outfit.

Versace Red Jeans
This is very strong, fruity, I don't find it lasts me all day, but seeing as the bottle is so big and is pretty cheap, I tend to wear this almost every day. Another one similar to this is the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance which got re-merchandised last Christmas.

Kate Moss Kate
Another floral/fruity fragrance that I'd wear every day. It's fairly subtle, but you can still smell it well. Quite good for someone aged 15+ I think because it's quite fresh. I find some perfumes can be too old for people, is that just me?! I bought it for my cousin for Christmas this year so let's see how it goes!

Sorry it's not much of a post, it's been a pretty hectic day Christmas shopping and I'm absolutely knackered. Hope this gives you some ideas for presents though, or even for yourself! If you have any questions about them, just ask me below.

PS. I'm looking for some new winter boots/shoes. Anyone got any favourites?! I'd love to hear, my feet are cold. Thank you! xxx


  1. I love DKNY perfumes! I've not smelt any of the other but the bottles are lovely, lets face it that's 50% of what people like about perfumes anyway :') Great post :) x

    1. DKNY never let me down! Haha, definitely, I only ever try nice looking bottles haha! Thank you :) and thanks for the follow, I love your blog :) xx


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