Wednesday, 19 December 2012

day to night winter face

Hey guys! Lots of exciting things happening lately in the run up to Christmas, the most exciting is that I'm going to London tomorrow with my best friend eeeeever. So looking forward to our girl date.
With so much going on, I don't have much time to keep swapping my make up over, so I've been finding a look that I can quickly transform to a night time look.

For the day:
For my eye make up, which is definitely the most important thing here, I simply do a feline flick using my Maybelline Gel Liner in black. This look is so versatile, it's definitely the best to go for. I just use a light creamish colour as I base, just to make my whole eye look brighter and ever. I'll also put it on my brow bone to highlight.
I use a pale brown colour to contour. I just blend it in well in my crease, it just makes your eyes look a bit bigger, I guess. I don't wear too much mascara, but enough to make my lashes long.
I use my long-wearing MaxFactor FaceFinity foundation, simply because it stays so much longer than any of my others. I apply it quite thick, but not cakey, just because later on, I want to ensure my skin still looks as flawless as it can!
Another key part of my look is the blush/bronzer. I contour my cheeks with a bronzer, not too much though, my bronzer is a little too shimmery, so I try and keep it minimal. I blend a darkish pink blush into it, but again,  keeping it minimal. I set my look with powder and use a bit of Rosy Lips Vaseline to finish my look.

For the night:
So I have the basics set for me, but for night, I'm wanting a bit of a darker look. I'll go over my gel liner, this time making it slightly thicker and refresh the shadow.
I use the Scandal Eyes mascara that everyone's raving about to make my lashes look dramatically black, thicker and longer. This mascara is perfect for doing this, it's my absolute go-to when I'm creating a darker look.
I don't really like re-applying foundation through the day, it just feels awful. Luckily, with this foundation, my face still looks smooth hours later. I add a touch more blusher, again, aiming for a slightly more dramatic look, and with a touch up of powder, my skin is looking as fresh as a daaaisy! I use my No7 Creme Touch powder as a highlight, so I apply this just under where I've contoured and on the very top of my cheek bone, it just, well, highlights the areas I want to be seen most!
To get the final effect of my night time look, it's time to get out the lippy! With a dark, wine coloured lip, your eyes will look gorgeous. I usually go for Kate Moss Matte in 107 as it's a great look for this season.

So, that's how I transform my day to night look! I hope that's clear enough for you, I couldn't really think of a way to make it easier. I would proof-read it too, but to be honest, I've been proof-reading AS and A2 English Language coursework all day and I'm just sooo tired!

Hope you're all okay and finished your Christmas shopping! Take care everyone :)

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