Monday, 7 January 2013

benefits hello flawless oxygen wow foundation and boi-ing concealer

Top swatch is Hello Flawless foundation
Bottom swatches are Boi-ing concealer

As you can see in this post, I got these two items in the How To Look The Best At Everything flawless complexion kit, and I'm really disappointed by one of the products.

I received Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in shade "Cheers to me!" Champagne. I am sooooo disappointed in this, it genuinely saddens me haha. I had such high expectation for this but it really isn't what I expected.

For starters, the kit I got was aimed at light skin. I don't have ridiculously pale skin but the is so, so dark for me, it looked ridiculous. Maybe if the shade was better I would have enjoyed it more? Obviously, they can't cater for EVERYONES skin colour, that would be impossible, but this is crazy dark.
Another downside is how greasy it made my skin look. Although this is apparently an oil free foundation, my face looked so shiny and disgusting I felt the need to apply a decent amount of powder to cover it up, but I didn't, I waited to see if the oilyness would die down or something. I left the house still feeling pretty disappointed by how I looked, but I wanted to test it and give it a chance, maybe it would be better in a lighter shade. It did NOT get better. I checked my face a couple of hours later and loooord it looked AWFUL. Next to my nose, under my eye it had dried and was flaking it was horrific. Foundation has never done this to me, I don't suffer from dry skin too much, but I especially don't there. I was ashamed it was just horrific.
I decided to give it another chance a couple of days later, but I wanted to try applying it with a brush. Alas, I was left with the same, awful results. Ridiculously disappointed.

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think?

NOW, the Boi-ing concealer is just out of this woooorld. I've tried so many concealers and never been 100% happy with them. They always look cakey, even the highly praised Collection 2000 concealer. Luckily, I never really have to wear it too often, but I do like to put a bit under my eye to brighten it up.
With my disappointment of most other concealers, I wasn't expecting too much from this but as soon as I applied the lightest shade to my under eye I was incredibly surprised! It applied like a dream. I used my finger as I like to warm up concealer to help blend it and it just looked flawless. Of course, shade one was a little too light, but after I blended the two shades given it was perfect. I really couldn't praise this concealer more.

So, two VERY different reviews! I have a "beauty lesson" at Benefit in a couple of weeks, let's see what they choose when I ask them to help me create a flawless, dewy face!
What are your views on these products? I'd love to hear :)

Also! I'm looking for someone to illustrate a picture of me for my blog header, would anyone be so kind as to do it or even recommend someone?!


  1. I havent tried either, but after that review Im thinking about picking up the concealer! I was going to get this set, but Im so glad I didnt now as I have ultra pale skin so the light would have been useless to me! The swatches do look quite dark on your skin tone, which is disappointing :( great review and so honest!


    1. I was so surprised about the colour, it's very yellow as well!
      Thank you :) x

  2. Great review, so sad about the foundation though as it sounded like it was going to be pretty good! It's £24.50 on it's own so at least you got to try out some other products for the same price :) x

    1. Yeah exactly! Maybe the foundation will work better for others! :) x

  3. I've been eying that foundation for a while but now I'm glad I didn't go for it! I know it's different on everyone but anything that's going to make me shiny is a big no in my book! Thanks for the review xx

  4. I LOVE Benefit's Boi-ing concealer, I had one about two years ago, and have used many since and none have been quite up to scratch! I was going to ask for that set for Christmas too, but I'm so pale that I knew it was more likely than not that none of the colours would be a good match for me, even with the fair kit. On the blog header front, I'd be happy to knock you up something, there's an art tag on my blog with some examples of bits and pieces I've done recently (though it's not exhaustive), hit me up on Twitter if you fancy it (: xx

    1. It's brilliant isn't it! :).
      Oooh thank you! I'll check it out :) xx

  5. the concealer is one of the best, although a bit dry for me, it does a good job!

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