Thursday, 3 January 2013

clarins beauty flash balm

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is one of their most popular products. I know of many beauty bloggers who absolutely rave about this product, but then I know of people that can't find many words to say about it. I'm kind of in between.
This claims to brighten, moisturise, smooth the skins surface, restore a youthful glow and much more. I think it over-exceeded it's own expectations. It's very good at moisturising and smoothing, it gives a slight glow, but not too much. I think it's main property that it doesn't claim to do, but I think is very good at, is making my make up last all day. I guess it seems more like a primer than anything else.

I really enjoy the consistency, it's quite thick which is nice, it smells lovely. It retails at £28 which is absolutely craaaazy, I would never, ever purchase it. I managed to get this in their radiance kit, I received four travel sized products for £15.

I'm just not overly impressed. It's great at keeping make up on, but in no way is it worth £28. I'm sure one day I'll come across another primer that does the same job for half the price. I'd probably rate it 5/10, but it really is a product you need to try yourself.
So I'm sorry for not doing a particularly positive review!

Take care everyone!


  1. I feel the exact same way about the Flash Balm. I didn't find that it made my makeup last much longer than usual, but maybe thats because I mainly used it when I was going out and wanted a primer.
    I was expecting a wonder product, but all I really got was a really smooth moisturiser! Oh well, the primer search continues :)

    Fi xx

  2. I agree! Definitely had too high expectations for this!


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