Sunday, 27 January 2013

my benefit make up bar experience

Hey guys!
As much as I want to say "I LOVED it! I learnt so much, and realised things that were so obvious before!" I would be lying to you. It was awful, I think these make up artists applied my make up with their eyes shut.

My particular look I was asking for help with was a flawless, dewy base. I have quite red cheeks, but I still thought these would be able to give me some advice and help.

They started by taking my eyebrows off which I was soooo uncomfortable with. They followed by using their Porefessional primer which I said makes my skin look very powdery and not nice, but they used it anyway. They continued to use the Hello Flawless foundation, which again, I asked them to use something different because it didn't work for me (find my review of the foundation here and the primer here). Once this was finished, my skin looked streaky, powdery and disgusting.

One part of this session, I was slightly impressed with though. They tried out the new Fine One One blush/highlight stick, which I was incredibly excited about - for some reason, they were selling it on Thursday, even though it only got released on Saturday... Now, I'm sure this is a great product, I was initially a bit confused at how you could sweep it on and it not pull your foundation, but they managed it fine. What they didn't manage was blending! She was aaawful, it was ridiculously obvious which was so disappointing, there were clear lines and ugh, just awful.

Finally, and probably the worst part. She decided to put lipstick on me. I asked her to apply what she thought best, thinking she'd go for a subtle one considering it was day time. Instead, she chose Full-Finish lipstick in shade Espoinage, linked here. Also known as black cherry, this was a deep purple-red with a really glossy finish. She applied it with an EYESHADOW BRUSH. Seriously, a blending eyeshadow brush. I was like what on eaaaaarth. It looked horrendous, it was wobbly, an awful colour for me. However, I probably shouldn't have taken lipstick advice from someone who's lipstick was bleeding out.

I was so disappointed. I never expected too much, I'd heard that their make up artists aren't the best, but I was incredibly let down.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What about the complete opposite? Let me know!


  1. Ahh that sucks, they sound like they didn't listen to you at all! I would have been really disappointed too!
    Frankie xx

    1. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed! But good came out of it soon after! Check back for the good side soon :) xx

  2. That sounds awful :( I really don't know how some of these people get jobs on make up counters if they can't even create a basic look. I know that not everyone is a make up artist but you'd think they'd at least know which brushes to use,and the fact that they continued to use products on you anyway even after you'd told them they didn't work for you shows that they prefer to use the popular products more than finding something else which would work better.
    Wow, bit of a rant there haha! Hopefully you'll have better luck somewhere else :) xx

    1. Exactly! I was really looking forward to finding more out about products less well known, but more suited for my skin. Hahah, I did have better luck! Keep an eye out, it'll be up soon :) x

  3. Aww that doesn't sound good :-( I've actually had a similar experience in Body shop, she didn't listen to anything and I ended up with a bright orange skin colour! It was terrible! But oh well, we learn from our mistakes, right? :-)
    - Katarina xx

    1. We sure do! I'm sure the Benefit counter may be great for other people, just not suited for me I guess :) xx

  4. im glad i wasn't the only one. I also got my makeup done at illamasqua and had a similar experience to you. im never trusting anyone else with my makeup...

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