Wednesday, 2 January 2013

origins modern friction and clear improvement charcoal mask

I wanted to spend my day relaxing, sorting out my Christmas presents and taking care of my skin, so I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to try out two of my samples from Origins: Modern Friction and Clear Improvement.

I'd heard so much about the Charcoal Mask, but I never bought it. I always get a little scared when it comes to masks, I don't know how my skin may react or if it will even work, so I jumped at the chance to get a sample of it. When I was looking at it though, the woman running the stand explained to me how much better this may work if I used Modern Friction too. She said it's an exfoliater/scrub that you use before a mask, it helps remove dead skin and let your mask access areas it otherwise would have been able too. I was impressed, so she got me a sample of that too.

As told to do, I applied Modern Friction onto a dry face and gave it a little scrub then added a little water and worked it up into a lather. It felt ridiculously nice. Since it has rice in it, it was very exfoliating, but still very gentle. It didn't smell gorgeous, but it wasn't offensive either but that hardly matters too much. The result was impressive! I didn't expect too much, but my skin looked much clearer and my skin look quite radiant, I would have been happy using just that. I was so excited to use my mask though. I wasn't too sure how much to use to be honest, so I initially applied a single layer and decided to build up where I felt my skin was most problematic. It was very pliable, I thought it might be a bit difficult to spread but it was nice. As soon as it touched my skin, it felt cool, tingly, but not uncomfortable. It really felt like it was doing me good! I was recommended to wash it off once it was dried, so after 10-15 minutes, it was time. The mask had slightly tightened on my skin and felt very smooth and quite nice to touch, I wasn't too sure how to wash it off, I just didn't think it would come off! But as soon as I added warm water it instantly turned thin and quite lotion-y, very moisturising, I was so surprised, it just felt lovely.
My skin definitely looks clearer, clean and fresh. I've followed it with Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (Review soon!) to ensure it doesn't dry up at all.

Here's me looking absolute fetch in my hair band, charcoal mask and onsie! Ignore my brows please, I couldn't be more ashamed :(


  1. This sounds so nice :) Not sure if I could justify the price though xxx

    1. It is pretty pricey! But after finding I could get two masks from one sample I think it might be worth it and last a good 10 months at least! :)xxx

  2. Trying to decide whether to get clear improvements or out of trouble! Great review though, you've gone into lots of helpful details :)

    Charlotte xo

    1. I hope you manage to decide! Can't wait to read your review on whichever you choose :). Very glad to have helped though :) xx

  3. Great review. I love the Origins masks, to me they are well worth the money!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

  4. I've been thinking about buying this for a while now, as soon as I read this my mind was made up haha! I also want to try the Super Spot remover ! :)
    Great blog post!!

    Nicolle x

    1. I'm so glad! I can't wait to buy the full size :). I'd love to try the spot remover too! Xx

  5. I need a good face mask might go and try and get some sneaky samples of this lol

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