Wednesday, 6 March 2013

bronzed and glowy pale face

Being pale, getting quite bronzed skin when it gets to spring/summer can be really difficult. It usually ends up looking orange and just ridiculous.
I recently came across the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (which is absolutely extortionately priced at £47) on the Latest in Beauty website, where I could get a sample for around £4. I'd heard of it a couple of times, but the main thing that drew me to it was that it was supposed to be £47, so obviously I had really high expectations and ordered a sample.

I always expect foundation shades to be too dark for me, but this was CRAZY dark. But I thought, since it's so light maybe you won't be able to tell when I've applied it. Oh how naive I was. It looked liked I'd applied fake tan on my face. Big no no.

For some strange reason, lord knows why, I just applied a light coverage of my every day foundation on top, rather than remove the tramp stamp stain that was already on my face. By some miracle, it gave suuuch a nice finish! It made my skin look quite sunkissed and, what do they say, "lit from within"?! I decided then to experiment and try to make a lovely, bronzed, glowy, healthy complexion for the summer time.

I applied my go-to bronzer to my contours, a little on the apples of my cheeks, up to my temples and a slight dusting on my nose, forehead, chin and jaw - basically, everywhere the sun normally hits and shadows. To give me a little more colour, I used my Dainty Doll blush in 004 You Are My Sunshine a little higher on my cheekbones than I usually would a blush. Not only is this a gorgeous colour, it has a gold shimmer in it that works perfect for this look giving an effortless highlight.

Highlighting is quite key in this look, so I used a champagne coloured, shimmery eyeshadow as my highlight. I used a light dusting on top of my cheek bones, but also brought it round my apples so you get that gorgeous sheen when you smile. A little more highlight on my nose, brow bone and inner eye and I was set!

PS, You can vote for this look on Baobella HERE

Products used: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, Maxfactor Facefinity Foundation
Avon Arabian Glow Bronzer, Dainty Doll You Are My Sunshine
ELF Champagne Eyeshadow, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
MUA Brow Kit


  1. £47 is way to much for a foundation, there is no way I'm paying that lol, I love that Max Factor 3 in 1, it provides really good coverage! You look so pretty

    A little bit Unique


    1. Absolutely ridiculous, isn't it! Yeah, FaceFinity is amazing :)
      aaw thank you! :) x

  2. I so agree about getting bronzed in the spring/ summer. I find it super difficult too as I am quite pale. I am trying to get my hands on Hoola by Benefit because I heard it was the best for pale skin tones!
    Thanks for sending your link via twitter, your blog is great!<33

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Yeah, I'd love to try Hoola :)
      Aw thanks, yours is too! :) xx

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