Saturday, 27 April 2013

Guest Post: Fashion Taboos You SHOULD Break

When it comes to what to wear and what not to wear, there have been certain rules and taboos long instilled into our subconscious. But in recent years fashion has become a lot more daring and even designers are beginning to challenge long standing no-no’s and saying yes to things that really shouldn’t go together, but do! Here are some of our favourite fashion rules that were just made to be broken:

Taboo: Don’t Clash
Ever been told not to mix certain colours, like pink and red or blue and green? Well throw all that out of the window, as contrary to popular belief those colours were made for mixing! When you forget about the little voice in your head telling you not to and actually go for it, pink and red and other common colour ‘clashes’ actually look great together! Even the designers in recent years have set off colour clash trends to get us out of our funk, matching bright jeans with vibrant tees.
And the clash taboo doesn’t end with colours. We have also been taught that more than one pattern will clash. Well you can forget all you know about that as well, because mixing patterns is just another way of challenging this taboo. Pair a loud blouse with some patterned trousers or a skirt and you have a clash made in heaven.

Taboo: Gold and Silver Don’t Mix
This commonly refers to wearing gold and silver jewellery, but with recent metallic trends this could also refer to clothing items. Don’t listen to what you hear about only wearing gold or silver jewellery at one time, never the two together, because in today’s trends gold and silver often come together on one piece of jewellery or an accessory!
With quirky London Boutiques crammed full of stunning old and new treasures, why only wear them one at a time? Grab as many as you can and layer up your jewellery, mixing gold, silver, bronze and any other colours and materials you can find. When it comes to the latest accessories trends, more is always better, with catwalks and high street models sporting arms stacked high with bangles and two or three chains at once.

Taboo: Visible Bras Under Tops are a No-No
This taboo was a big one back when underwear wasn’t meant to be seen outside of a lady’s bedroom and at the time underwear wasn’t all that spectacular to look at anyway! Well now things have changed, with see through blouses and shirts, and vests with cut outs at the sides, all paving way for bras to be chosen to be seen. It’s young and sexy, and is no longer considered to be untoward or unlady like (not by the younger generations anyway!). Why else would they make such pretty lingerie if it wasn’t meant to be seen?

London Boutiques allows you to buy from amazing designers such as Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham and many more from just one website! Have a quick whizz around their site - you never know what you might come across!

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  1. The only thing I don't like together are spots and stripes xx

  2. Totally agree on the first 2! I'm still too lame to venture into visible bra land...Perhaps one day! Ha. <3 Great post.

  3. I love it when people clash block colours! It is such a nice change to constant black on black with layers of black. :) x


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