Tuesday, 2 April 2013

my latest empty products

Most people do a monthly empties post, now, I don't know how the hell you get through so many products, that's crazy (but I love reading them so please, don't stop.) so this is more of a collective empty products post.
Also, can I just apologise, I don't know why the second picture is so bright, how peculiar..

I know everyone is going to judge me for using baby wipes, but they're just so convenient! I use these to remove my make up before cleansing and the rest of the shabang. These are lovely and gentle, don't make my face go red at all so yeah, a product I will always repurchase, unless Huggies are on offer, they're my faves.

Potentially my favourite cleanser in the world that I repurchase time after time, Lush Angels on Bare Skin. This is incredibly gentle as it's packed with essential oils, particularly Lavender Oil so it's really, really soothing. There is ground almonds and lavender seeds in there so it gives a really nice exfoliation that's really gentle on the skin. What more can I say? It's a gentle product haha!
The MUA Primer is one from their original range. This cost me £4 and I don't regret buying it, but I don't think it made a whole lot of difference to be honest. It was strangely kind of drying but it did smooth my skin for a short while however it had no impact on staying power.

I bought Superdrugs Little Green Tin simply because it was there. I didn't need it but why the hell not spend money you don't have?! This was aaaaaawful. I never use anything like this or Vaseline on my lips, but I use it on dry skin, particularly if my feet could do with a little more (mmm.). Whereas a tin of Vaseline can last me a month or two, this probably lasted me about 4 applications because I had to keep applying more as it just dried up and did nothing.
I got the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash in a magazine a while ago and I really liked it! It removed every trace of my make up and didn't leave me with that squeeky clean feel. I'm not sure if I'd repurchase, I do prefer a cream or balm cleanser, but if I ever fancy a change, I'll go for this one.

Lastly, a product that isn't even empty, just so awful I don't want it or want to give it to someone else. The Vaseline Aloe Fresh body lotion left me feeling SO greasy, to the point I'd be removing my tights at the end of a day and they would still be stuck to them. It made no difference on the condition of my skin or anything.

So the next empties post will probably come sometime in the next century, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. I love Angels on Bare skin, it is so lovely. I did this post yesterday and I got through so many products because I made a conscious effort to use them up, next month, there will be less I am sure xx


  2. I use simple makeup wipes to take most my eye makeup off before i cleanse my face too. I just find it's easier on my eyes.
    Shamefully i also use them if i'm really drunk from a night out :)


    1. I quite like the simple ones! At least you take it off, I'm awful at taking it off when drunk :( x

  3. Angels on bare skin is such a lovely cleanser, just love Lush skincare in general haha x

  4. I like Johnson's baby wipes too! :) xx


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