Saturday, 18 May 2013

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

Yep, you read right, Laura Mercier again. Me and this gal are having a little love affair and boy am I infatuated. The foundation primer in Radiance is no exception.

Whenever I'm looking for a real glow for my base, which is pretty much an every day occurance, this is the product I reach straight for. A pea sized amount covers my face and gives it that 'lit from within' glow that everyone is dying to achieve, especially now summer is on its way! You can see perfectly from the swatch above just how much of a sheen factor this has and that shimmer is shown a different route, you won't be getting the Twilight shine from this product. I always use this with my Silk Creme foundation (review soon!) and even though it has quite a full coverage, it doesn't stop the glow coming through.

So you're probably thinking "it makes you glow, we get it, but does it make your make up last?". Yes. It really maximizes how long my make up lasts for. I applied this at 9:30am and when it came to removing my make up at midnight (after waiting in the pouring rain for an hour and going to a gig) it was still firmly in place and I was still glowing with a healthy looking complexion.

If you're not a fan of an entire face of glow, this would be perfect to just apply on your cheekbones, down your nose and on your cupids bow so you can miss out the highlighter step and still with a really natural look.
Even my boyfriend commented on how "nice my face looks like that" which is quite a biggy coming from him!

If you're a little unsure about this, DEFINITELY go check it out at your nearest Laura Mercier counter - you will NOT regret it!

Have you tried this, or are you tempted?! Let me know!

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  1. This looks lovely! I was tempted to pick up one of their primers recently but didn't because of the price. I'll definitely give them a second look now :) x

    1. They're amazing quality! £18.50 for the travel sized tubes :-) x

  2. Wow this sounds fab! I've been tempted to pick this up ever since I realsied they did the tavel sizes at Space NK. If the boyf notices it then it's gotta be good!


  3. I really want this. Brilliant review!

  4. I have to say this review has me well tempted, I'm all about the glow and one can never have too many primers :)



    1. Haaha! You won't be disappointed! :) xx

  5. :O I agree with some of the comments, I might have to go and buy this :| Even travel 40 minutes to where Laura Mercier is where I live :|

    Very nice post! xxxx

    1. Hahaha, that's dedication!! ;) thank you :-) zxxx

  6. Lovely blog!
    Followed you on gfc and I was your 200th follower on Bloglovin!

    Check out my blog if yoiu like :)

    1. Thank you!! :-):-). I deefinitely will be :) xx

  7. Hi Hayley,

    I have never tried Laura Mercier before, however the colour looks really nice on you. :)


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