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Hello everyone. The lovely Hayley has very kindly allowed me to write a guest post here on her blog - I hope you all find it of interest!

I write  How Hannah Does it and I focus on living life to the full while on a budget.  That means I focus on my passions - food, fashion and fun - and I throw in lots of money saving tips too.  After all, if you know how to make your money go further, you can spend more on the things that matter to you!

Hayley is a beauty expert and you all follow her for her beauty insight so I thought today I'd create a mash up of our blog themes - beauty advice with a food and finance twist!

That might sound a bit bizarre but think - we care about what we put ON our skin to make us look good but what about what we put IN to our skin with the foods we eat and drink.

I've compiled a list of the top foods for healthy skin AND the cheapest places to buy them currently in the UK.

Water.  Yes it's so important and I know you already drink it but do you drink enough? A woman should be drinking 3 litres of pure water every day. And for every half an hour you exercise, you should drink a further 500ml.I would recommend buying a 1.5 litre bottle and then refilling it every day at the office to make sure you drink enough.

Back up: green tea as it's full of antioxidants.
Fish contains Zinc which is key for keeping your skin soft and supple, and for repairing damaged skin. It is said to protect it against UV rays and can also help acne sufferers as it reduces the amount of natural oil produced in the skin.

Back up: red meat (Woohoo!)

Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene which is again a great antioxidant.  This means it helps to keep your skin healthy.

Back up: Sweet potato.

As it's summer the next skin treat is very appropriate - strawberries.  They like many other berries are a good source of vitamin C which aids in the production of collagen for keeping the skin firm  It is also said to help skin repair itself and its antioxidant properties slow the rate of fine lines and wrinkles!

Back up: oranges.

Avocado is rich in Vitamin E which is another good antioxidant and therefore it helps protect you against the elements that damage collagen causing wrinkles and skin dryness.  I know Avocado isn't many people's favourite food so a good back up would be hazelnuts - think Nutella!!

Tomatoes are also good for your skin.  They contain selenium which can help to protect against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots. An alternative to tomatoes would be brazil nuts.

So, where do you find these things cheaply? You use a nifty site called which compares the prices of every item of your shopping list at all supermarkets to find you the best deal.  I did this for the items above and it turned out as follows:

Happy eating! 
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Hey guys! Can we all just appreciate how amazing this post is? I've learnt so, so much from Hannah - she's definitely one to keep an eye on, so go over to her page and give her a cheeky follow for more amazing tips and advice! :-)


I really appreciate all comments left and take my time reading and replying to them all, thank you!

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