Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I've always been quite happy with most foundations that I buy, I don't usually jump straight in there, I'll try them out first and make sure I'm 100%. Nars Sheer Glow however, I bought on a bit of a whim having not tried it before and guess what? I've never loved a foundation like I love this one.

It applies so, so seamlessly that even when I do the good ol' Lisa Eldridge trick - giving my skin a proper inspection in a magnified mirror - it looks so flawless and gives a satin, second-skin like finish. Like many people I was put off by the name, but don't fear! This foundation is neither sheer, nor too glowy. When applied with my buffing brush I get a decent medium coverage that very easily covers and conceals any redness and blemishes, although I do like to apply a litttttle bit of concealer just to be sure. The finish of it is just stunning - it's luminous, but not so much that you look sweaty or oily, more like you've had a decent nights sleep and been guzzling water!

I applied this around 9am, had a full day and evening out and didn't find myself needing to touch it up at all. In fact, I was extremely bad that night and was so exhausted I didn't remove my makeup. 10am the next morning I came to remove it and my skin still looked healthy and flawless.

Like everyone I do find it really annoying that there's no pump, especially for the price (£30.50) as there's always waste, but I do think I've got the hang of getting the right amount out now.
The shade I have is Mont Blanc which is a bit too light for me, but is easily warmed up with a bit of bronzer!
You hardly need any, so I can see this lasting me a while. Even then, I'd repurchase it without a second thought!

Let's see how it stands throughout winter... Have you tried this? Or is it on your wishlist?

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  1. I've always wanted to try this but because I have oily skin I was put off. I might give it a whirl when my YSL runs out.

    Such a great review.

    Hannah xx

    1. It's definitely worth just asking them to apply it so you can test it out :) xx

  2. I always wonder why it's called sheer glow - seems to be the most misleading name choice ever! xx

  3. This has been on my wish list for sooo long! Looks lovely on

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