Friday, 18 October 2013


Criiikey, a whole month since I last posted! The last few months really have been crappy on the whole blogging side of things - everything has just been so hectic. From family problems to moving out, I now feel settled into my new home and uni to give blogging another go, so I thought I'd give you a little update on what this last month has been about.

Like I said, I've moved out for uni and I loooove it. I have the nicest flat and block mates, I literally cannot believe how lucky I got. I was really paranoid before moving that everyone would be 18, new to going out, and want to go every night. But as it goes, my entire block has taken a gap year. I've already made some amazing friends who love cocktails almost as much as I do, cue the Amaretto Sours!

My actual course (PR) is sort of up in the air at the moment. I think I will love it next semester, or maybe in a few more weeks, but right now it's not as good as I hoped. But I'm gonna be optimistic and try my hardest to get my head down.

Does anyone have any advice for blogging whilst at uni? I'm thinking of drafting a few posts on my day off and posting as and when in the week. Let me know your routine!

Thanks for sticking around guys. I've got a few posts lined up now, so I'll get them up and out to you. I've also been shopping... a lot. So expect a haul post coming up soon.

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I really appreciate all comments left and take my time reading and replying to them all, thank you!

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