Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Quite often, we're all in need of a little powder, whether it's to reduce an oily t-zone or set the under eye concealer. I've been there, tried them all and I've made my mind that the top spot is shared by these two...

Nobody wants a "cakey" or heavy looking finish and with these you'll get neither. The Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder is best used post-make up application. It sets everything down nicely - it's mattifying without making features look flat but hangs in there to ensure oil is kicked back and foundation stays in place. Chanel Les Beige is a long standing favourite with many, but there is no way I would set my face with it. I save this exclusively for touch ups throughout the day or for a little brightening before going out for a few drinks. It gives my face that little bit more life that it loses throughout the hours and perks my complexion.
With both of these powders you need only dip them in slightly as a little goes a long way. I remember being a teen and packing powder on my face (I would probably use the same amount that is in the Nars lid!) and overall it just looks worse. Embrace the glow and let your natural oils shine through.

They are both so different but winners in my eyes, and yes, I definitely need them both.



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