Saturday, 4 April 2015


Recently on most social media platforms, I've heard of the brand Younique flying around. In my head it renders as an Avon-esque brand - no store, order through a representative. The lovely Kerry Goding got in touch with me via Facebook to see if I wanted to try out a couple of their products and here we are today!

The main product to bring to the party has to be the 3D Fibre Lashes mascara. I've seen so many people raving about fibre mascaras but never tried one myself, so I jumped all on this. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion - I love the fact the duo comes in a case but I think a clear acrylic box would be a lot more appealing than this black embossed glasses case. The product inside is what matters and I can absolutely see why people have been so excited about these. You're supposed to do a layer of the transplanting gel and then before it has dried apply the fibres, then seal them in again with the gel. You can do this as many times as you like, and Kerry advises to use a lash comb to stop your lashes from clumping. The effect is actually unbelievable. My lashes are barely existent but they looked incredible - very long and full yet quite natural and fluttery. It says to apply the fibres from halfway up your lashes to avoid irritation - DO THIS. At first I started applying them from the base of my lashes and there were tears. Very sore!
I did find the fibres started to drop onto my skin after a few hours, but at the end of the day they still looked very full and lovely!

I also tried out the BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer which texture wise is gorgeous! It's so so light an feels incredibly moisturising. I powdered my skin and it still feels incredibly skin like. Unfortunately for my I'm fussy and there's not quite enough coverage in any BB cream for me to feel confident, but if you like them, at least see if you can try a sample! I also gave their Glorious Face and Eye Primer a go which I was quite impressed by to say it is very silicone-y. I usually sway away from these as I think they can feel a bit too dry and tightening however this actually felt really moisturising and the BB cream smoothed over the top really nicely.

The skincare was the real winner for me. The Uplift Eye Serum is something I've never seen before as it pretty much resembles an oil. My eye area feels amazing, I'm insanely surprised, just so plump and concealer was a dream to blend. Under my base products I used the Divine Daily Moisturiser which at first just felt like any old moisturiser, but I can almost still feel it on my skin, however it didn't disrupt any make up at all. Intensely hydrating without sitting on the skin.

Overall I'm actually really impressed by Younique! If you want to order anything or see what the rest of Younique has to offer, check out her website or speak to Kerry, she will be more than willing to chat with you on Facebook or by email at



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