Tuesday, 28 July 2015


A month or so ago, Kore Skincare named me as one of their Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers (I had to brag about that at some point, so best to get it in there early, right?) and as a well done, they sent me a few goodies to give a go.

Let's just get this one out of the way. The Foaming Cleanser is not for me. I need a touch more richness from my cleansers, but that totally doesn't mean it isn't for you!

Two of my most stand out products from the range are the Gentle Exfoliator and the Revitalising Toner. Now I like quite a bit of grit if I'm using a manual exfoliator (think: REN Micro Polish Cleanser, from the Radiance range, you get me?) as I only tend to use them pre-mask, and this is slightly lacking in that department. But let's remember it's called a Gentle Exfoliator for a reason. You know sometimes you wake up and your skin just feels a bit grimy and you're like "I just gotta get this shit off my face"? This just does the job. (edit: I just used this for this exact reason whilst on a bit of a hangover. Heaven!) 

I'm aaaalll for the spritzing toners. It's a novelty thing. But this stuff is actually really refreshing. It's spiked with a few acids in there, who doesn't like that? Doused all over the face pre-serum leaves Hayley a happy lady.

Let's talk serums and creams. The Intensive Serum isn't quite as intensive as one would imagine, but as serums go, this is a fairly standard addition to the routine when your skin is in need of the low-key treatment.
I wanted to love the Optimal Repair Cream, I really, really did. But this light moisturiser just did not live up to it's predicted pedestal that I'd so wishfully placed it on. It sinks in well, lovely under make up, but I expected something I little more thicker, richer and frankly repairing. Sad face. The day cream is kinda on the same vein as the serum - great when you wanna keep things simple.

I've never found an eye cream that I love, and the hunt continues. This is very nice, but it's not the one. I'm looking for James Franco and only just getting Dave. Not that this is an issue, hit me up, Dave.

Despite what probably looks like a negative review, I do really enjoy Kore Skincare, but I definitely advise to read up about the products - names can misleading. You can pick up some of there products here. They're a little on the pricey side, but we all know that skincare is worth the investment. Did I mention I was a Top 10 Blogger? Oh...

PS, This stuff is all natural, paraben free and not tested on animal, so if you dig that then I suggest you get with that.



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