Wednesday, 28 November 2012

lush - angels on bare skin cleanser

Hey guys! Today after going to the bank, I had half hour before work so I decided to pop into Lush. 3 members of staff asked me if I was okay, so I said yes, but really I had no idea what I was looking for, apart from a cleanser. This lovely lady approached me and said I looked lost, so I finally told her what I was looking for and she showed me my options. I told her I had slightly oily skin, mainly my nose, I wanted a clearer complexion and a bit of moisture. She showed me 'Angels on Bare Skin' and 'Buche de Noel Solid Cleanser'. She offered to try them both on my hands to give me an idea and make my choice easier.

She firstly tried Buche de Noel, this has dried cranberries in it and claims to clean and balance the skin, exfoliate absorb grease, and give back lost moisture through cocoa butter. When she tried this, it felt very exfoliating, it was a slightly milky paste but she left it on my hand whilst she did Angels on Bare Skin. This one is packed with lavender flowers and has a very strong lavender scent (which I love). After adding a bit of warm water and rubbing the paste, it became a milky, thinner paste which she rubbed on my hand.  This too was quite exfoliating due to pieces of ground almond, but the thing that got me with this cleanser is the moisture. As soon as she washed it off, my hand felt much more nourished, the colour was much more even and I knew I had to get this.

I was slightly scared about buying a full tub for £6.25/100g because I wasn't sure whether I'd achieve the same result on my face, I didn't want to buy it and break out! I asked for a sample which she was more than happy to give me and as soon as I got home, I had a shower and had to give this a go. I wasn't sure how much I needed, so I took a pinch, mixed it with water and rubbed it on my face. It didn't exactly feel like it would do anything, I wasn't sure I had enough, so I used a little more but still felt a bit unsatisfied, but I left it on my face for a minute or so and then washed it off with a muslin cloth. It felt so creamy when washing it off, my face felt incredibly soft and moisturised, I was amazed. I then patted my face until it was almost dry. As I was doing stuff, it was a while before I applied some moisturiser, usually my face would dry up soon after, but it still felt very moisturised.

I'm going to try it a couple more times, maybe pop in again to see if I can find more products to try (cheeky!). It kind of looks like mashed up wheetabix and milk, not nice, but it's a lot harder, like a lumpy clay/paste. 

Does anyone else have some Lush skin care favourites?!

Take care,


  1. Let The Good Times Roll is amazing! Smells so good and left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised for a good while after. Definitely recommend trying that out :)
    Katie x

    1. ooohh I'll try it out, I've heard a lot about that one! :) xx

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