Friday, 2 November 2012

maxfactor facefinity foundation review

As you saw yesterday, I purchased MaxFactor's latest foundation, facefinity. Previously, I had never used any makeup from the MaxFactor range, but I decided to splash out a little and treat myself. It took me over an hour to get what I wanted, I really had no idea where to begin. A lady, obviously working for them, approached me asking me if I was okay, my reply was "Yeah.... Just look- I've no idea what I'm getting, I think I need full coverage but help!" hahaha, she just looked at me and pointed me to this, and then matched my shade as 'Beige'. Once she'd gone, I was a little scared about getting that shade, I usually go much lighter, so I picked a lighter shade just in case and went for 'Warm Almond'.
I'm so glad I went with my instinct! When I got home I put it straight on and was so pleasantly surprised. It applied like a dream. It's not overly thick in consistency but not watery. When I started blending it in, it got a little thicker, but you could instantly see the difference. It wasn't oily but it wasn't matte so obviously I topped it of with a powder.
Over the day I kept on checking it, wanting to see how it lasted and it did so well! My nose got oily, but I fully expected that. I think it could have done with a top up on the powder, but it wasn't desperate like I used to be with old foundations.

Here's a picture (awful picture, should I say) that gives a pretty good representation of the coverage, not so much the colour because the flash was ridiculous.
If you want any information about other makeup I'm wearing, just leave me a comment!

The foundation claims to include both primer and concealer. I was unsure whether I should still apply my primer? I don't generally use a concealer, but what do you think? Would you apply your primer and concealer also just to be sure?


I really appreciate all comments left and take my time reading and replying to them all, thank you!

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