Wednesday, 7 November 2012

my a/w must haves

First off, I'm in love with Kate Moss' matte collection, you can see a review here, so I won't bore you too much with this product! I went into Boots today looking for a primer and noticed their buy one, get one half price offer, so I thought I'd treat myself to another of these. There was hardly any shades left, sadly, but when I saw this I just had to have it. It's a gorgeous, deep red with plum undertones that sits perfectly. After having it on all day, I did notice it go a little pink, but not too much and I was still VERY impressed. Perfect shade for these colder seasons.

Everyone has started using MUA blushers, so the other day I got on with the craze and bought myself one, for a pound, you can't not. It's not an in-your-face pink which is great, I'd almost say it's a little bit bronze-y. I think this is perfect for creating a bit of flush in your look with the cold weather approaching.

Lastly, my absolute favourite BarryM varnish. This shade is called Raspberry (I think!) and is a gorgeous burgundy, very wearable with most clothing colours. I'm at the end of this bottle now and I will definitely be repurchasing! This would look brilliant in an LBD for work Christmas parties! Especially paired with the featured lipstick.

Sorry it's not a brilliant post today, I'm super tired, and I got caught off track watching beauty videos, and now I'm on the hunt for some make-up brushes! So if anyone has any favourite brushes, or starter sets, leave me a comment, help a fellow blogger out!


  1. I really want the real techniques core collection set, its £21 I think and has four brushes but there good quality and alot of the makeup artists on youtube use them, I really want them :( at the minute i'm using an old foundation brush which isn't good at all!
    I love your blog

    1. I've heard a lot about Real Techniques, I'm a bit unsure about spending too much on some brushes when, to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing with them! But the only way to learn is try I guess.
      Thank you so much! xxx

  2. I agree! Burgundy nail poloish is a must!!!!!! xx

    1. definitely! and at £2.99, this one is a steal! :) xx


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