Wednesday, 21 November 2012

my current make up and beauty faves!

This looks and applies much like a moisturizer. It's white, fairly think but when rubbing it in it feels so, so silky and smooth, it feels gorgeous. It claims to 'smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify (is that even a word?) and protect'. It's definitely hyping itself up, because I definitely do not receive those results, however it creates a brilliant base for my foundation, it smooths and makes my foundation last longer. Although this is down as one of my favourites, I think I would buy MUA's as a cheaper alternative and I think it does a pretty similar job. 

Cleansing Wipes:
These wipes are the first Soap and Glory products I've ever used and now I want to buy more and more! You can really feel these wipes getting to work with a deep tingling feeling and strong tea-tree smell. I only get an oily nose, but occasionally I'll get a bit of an oily forehead and chin. I wiped it over with these once and it instantly dried out my skin, so please, only get these if you're really oily! They claim to pore-shrink. I can't say there's been a massive improvement of the look of my pores, but I guess if there's less oil, they're doing something good! At £4.50 for 25 wipes I do think this is a pretty good product. 

If you keep up with my blog, you'll notice I had this on my wishlist (which you can find here). When Boots had a massive advantage card event on, I decided it wouldn't hurt to buy this as it doesn't exactly break the bank! I use this under my eyes and I suffer from dark circles and the coverage is amazing. I use a brush to blend it in in the corners of my eyes as well as underneath and it instantly brightens me up and eliminates any blemishes. I cannot recommend this enough.

Nail Varnish:
As everyone is aware, there's a huge glitter varnish hype, ranging from large disco glitter bits to small, shimmery, festive glitter. I'm not sure I really like it, it doesn't really suit me so much, sadly. If I'm being honest, light shades don't exactly suit me either. But I've had this in my box for a while and got it out today and realised just how pretty it is and I had to apply it. To my surprise it actually looked good. There's not exactly a colour too it, it's just a clear varnish filled with lots and lots of fine pieces of glitter. It's gorgeous to brighten up a dark outfit.

Do you have any current favourites? I'd love to hear, I'm always on the look out! 
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