Thursday, 31 January 2013

diorskin nude bb creme

Being Dior, I had great expectations about the new Diorskin Nude BB Creme, I was really excited to get matched and receive my seven day sample. To be honest, I was really let down by this, from the service to the finish. As soon as I got to the counter, the sales assistant seemed really bitchy and like I was an inconvenience which was pretty awkward through the matching as you can imagine.

She suggested shade 2, so I took it. I was really eager to try it, so the next day I prepped my skin and put this on. I was so disappointed! It looked really orangey golden and it sat in every crease on my face - I'm 18, I'm not supposed to have creases! But ones I didn't even know I had were showing. It did a really good job at smoothing out my skin and covering blemishes, however the colour match was so off.

I'm considering going back and seeing if they would let me try out Shade 1. I was quite interested in using a BB creme for a lighter alternative on days where I don't need much make up, but sadly this one won't be the one for me.

However, with it being more golden and reflective than orangey, I can see it being incredibly brightening when mixed with another light foundation/bb cream, so I'll still be on the look out for one, and I'll consider mixing this in for a little more luminosity. I may even save it for the summer when I will hopefully have a little more colour, but we'll see!

Have you tried this new release? What's your favourite BB cream?


  1. That's so disappointing! You would think that it would be good being Dior!

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    1. I expected so much more! I think I'll be returning asking for a lighter shade to test :) xxx

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