Wednesday, 30 January 2013

rimmels new apocalips, just in case you needed another review...

Like the title suggests, this product has become hugely popular in the blogosphere, I feel I'm a little late joining the hype, but I've had this product since it was released and really wanted to put it to the test. Another reason I'm a little late with it, is it's not a shade I'd usually buy - I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, try out different shades, and I just loved the look of the shade I picked - Celestial.

This lip lacquer is brilliant. I'm not a fan of glossy lips at all, they feel heavy, sticky and generally don't suit me, but this is light, not sticky at all and the glossyness settles after a while leaving a satiny finish.
It doesn't stay for as long as I'd have hoped - I did find myself reapplying it after about 2 and a half hours, but it was really easy to apply again. Usually when reapplying lipstick, I find it difficult unless I completely remove it as all the dry bits make it drag, but I didn't experience this at all.
The shade is a really nice pink, it's not too bright, kind of a pinker nude.. if that makes sense! I love the stain it leaves behind though, it's like my lip colour but better, even and brighter. As always with Rimmel lip products, it has a lovely watermelon scent.
One of the big things about this product is the foam, doe foot applicator with it's 'micro-reservoir' to ensure smooth, accurate application. I'm not a huuuuge fan of this. It feels like there's too much product on the wand at the beginning meaning I have to brush some of it off which I can see in the long run becoming very messy, but I do really like the idea.
It's a lovely product which I definitely think I'll consider buying more shades of. The variety of colour is good, with shades that I certainly wouldn't consider buying normally, so maybe it will be good to try them out?

What do you think about these, and what are your favourite shades?
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  1. Hiiii,

    Just found you thru #Bbloggers, love this blog so I will be hanging around =)(Jessica Knox / OhSoGawjess)

    That colour is so nice, thanks for the review!

    Want to follow me too?

    1. Thanks, no problem! I'll check it out :) xx


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