Monday, 21 January 2013

my top five bloggers!

I love reading others people's blogs almost as much as I love making and running my own. I find myself agreeing, disagreeing, being curious, being surprised - but mainly, I find myself inspired.
That's what I love about blogging, you see people go from strength to strength and becoming much more confident and showing us things they would usually be very uncomfortable showing. A fair few people have even made blogging their life, which I am incredibly jealous of and can only hope I'll become as recognised as these guys.

All blogs that I follow I love, but these ones in particular inspire me. You can find a link to their blog by clicking on their name.

5. Rachael at 5'1 is the new 6'2
I'm really enjoying Rachael's blog at the moment! I love the mix of fashion and beauty! She recently started a YouTube channel which has only a couple of videos on it, but I'm looking forward to seeing much more. She's very accessible, in the way that when you read her blog and watch her videos, you feel more like you're listening to a friend. In no way does she make it seem she's better or has more experience than you. Just a really lovely blog to read!

4. Jodie Winyan
Until I decided to do this post and thought long and hard about who to pick, I never realised just how much I read Jodie's posts. I love her completely natural look, and how she brightens it all up with a lovely lipstick. She makes reading her posts very easy, by clearly outlining what she thinks of the product using headers and bullet points which I really like and is something I definitely need to take into consideration! Her pictures are also really good and well focused which I think is essential for a blog - what's the point in taking a picture if it's very difficult to see?

3. Stacey Jane at Expact Make-Up Addict
I love reading Stacey's posts! As she travels and lives over in Dubai, it's really interesting to find out what beauty products are like all over the place as well as her opinion on 'hyped' products over in the UK. She has a great mix of high-end and high street choices and I really value her opinion. She sounds really professional and has a good idea of what she's talking about - she really does her research. I can't believe Stacey only has 18 followers though! Definitely deserves a lot more recognition - people will learn a lot from her!

2. Sophie at Candy Cane Heart
I only recently started paying more attention to Sophie's blog (sorry!) and watching her YouTube videos and I have now bookmarked this blog haha! Her 'The Jar of Happiness' post, linked here  has been particularly inspirational! She's also convinced me to buy the new Apocolips lip lacquer as the Celestial shade is just lovely. After only watching one YouTube video so far, I need to watch the rest of her videos but I really enjoyed the one I watched - definitely need to catch up. I really do love this blog though - her reviews, her style, the actual blog layout are all something I love. Go and check it out!

1. Lily Pebbles at What I Heart Today 
One of the first blogs I followed and a blog that ALWAYS look forward to new posts and videos from. Lily is a very successful blogger - but it certainly hasn't gone to her head! We've tweeted a few times and she's been so friendly, even after I told her about a very strange dream I had with her in it haha! Her blog and YouTube channel have become incredibly successful, and rightfully so! Lily is probably my main inspiration for my blog and has got me badly addicted to Origins products. Even though her site has a really professional feel to it, it's still really accessible. I love her videos and have really enjoyed seeing her collaborations with ViviannaDoesMakeup and her weekend/birthday vlogs! So yes, if possible, Lily is my blogger crush...Can't wait to see what's to come!

Do you guys have any favourite blogs? Leave me some links below, I'm always on the lookout for more inspiration!
Take care in the snow and ice too!


  1. Darling, Thank you so much for this <3 I really do love that you are liking my blog and I have just had a read of yours and loving it so far! xxx

    1. It's a pleasure! Can't wait to read more :-)
      Ohhhh thank you! I appreciate it! :) xxx

  2. This was so lovely to read! It made my dayyy! :)
    Thankyou so much for this! :') xox

    1. Aw I'm so glad, you deserve to be told! :):) xxx

  3. I love what I heart today and 5'1 is the new 6'2, great post can't wait to check out the other three!


    1. You won't regret it, they're all fab! X


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