Saturday, 2 February 2013

valentines gifts part one!

With Valentines day soon approaching, I can hear many singletons complaining and feeling lonely and even more guys panicking with uncertainty of what to get their other half without disappointing.  This is going to be a two-part post, this one is focusing on gifts for ladies, the next will be one for troublesome guys! Here are a few gifts I would be more than happy to receive.There's a bit of everything here from beauty to every day items so I'm sure you'll be able to find one to be inspired by.

1. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense - Roomiest Rose 
At £16, men may shy away from this "it's just a lipstick" I can hear you say. This is not 'just a lipstick'. This is a super moisturising balm that is really nicely pigmented and you will not disappoint your girlfriend AT ALL. My specific shade choice would be the best selling Roomiest Rose. This is definitely mine, and many other peoples favourite shade. It's a pink/purple/nude that is guaranteed to suit 90% of skin tones. With there being other dupes for this product such as the Revlon 'Just Bitten's, your gift receiver will really notice you going the extra mile.

2. Chloe Fragrance
The ultimate female fragrance. This distinct perfume just screams feminine and elegance. It's floral with notes of Rose, Lychee and Honey and will win over everybody. It's not too in your face, it's very effortlessly elegant. I really don't know how to explain it! You can't go wrong with Chloe though.

3. Essie Pepperoni 
If your girlfriend is a nail varnish addict, like me, get her one from Essie, probably the best quality nail varnish you're able to pick up from a drugstore chain. As perplexed as you may feel looking at the vast amount of colours, go for the occasion. Valentines Day = Red. This classic red shade will go down a treat.

4. John Lewis Heart Tealight Lantern
This is SO cute, a perfect decoration for any room. If your girlfriend isn't much of a candle person, it'd make great storage for make up brushes, stationary and any other little bits and bobs she has. This is quite a personal present, not exactly something that someone would just think up unless they'd gone searching for the perfect present.

5. Thorntons Heart Plaque
A heart chocolate plaque from Thorntons would be one of the nicest presents ever. You can personalise your messages, so if you have a special inside joke or thing between you, just go to the counter and get it written on. For me, this would be the cutest present I'd receive.

6. John Lewis Heart Slate Photo Frame
Another cute present, even better if it came with a photo. I love this because of the string allowing you to hang it off the wall, that would be perfect for me with very little space in my room. The fact it's slate is different too, perhaps you could leave sweet messages to each other?

So these are my gift ideas, perfect for Valentines Day. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2!


  1. lovely ideas, i really want the chloe perfume! xo


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