Wednesday, 19 June 2013


So, it's been a while huh?! If you check out my last post, you'll see why, but I've been so eager to get back into blogging that I thought I'd show you a mini beauty haul, just some things I've picked up over the past couple of weeks. So, without further ado...

Getting my nail varnish to stay put is a task I'm constantly battling with and after seeing Seche Vite in a blog sale I picked it up instantly. I've used it a few times and to be honest, I'm not blown away.. My nail varnish rarely chips anymore, instead it all peels off. It does give amaaaazing shine though and sets very well and quickly!
I didn't really know whether to feature the Ciate Manicure Nails in this post or not, but what the hell. The mushroom shade, Shooting Star is BEAUTIFUL and the caviar pearls in Cookies and Cream are really nice! Quite excited to give it a go.

From MAC I got one of the paint pots in Ground Work, quite a muddy brown shade that looks really beautiful on the lid. It's really effortless, blends perfectly and sets for the day without creasing, big thumbs up from me! Another cream shadow to enter my collection is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the infamous On and On Bronze. Lord knows why it's taken me so long to pick it up, but I LOVE it. Really quick and easy to use and looks like you've put a lot more effort into your makeup than you really have - always a plus for me!

The last two products dropped through my postbox just this morning and they're the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, a Caroline Hirons and Gh0stparties influenced buy that I KNOW I'm going to love. Finally the most beautiful item in my collection, the Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Miami Pink. Seriously, how beautiful is this?! I cannot waaaait to give it a go.

I'm still getting my blogging mojo back into swing, but I thiiiink I'm back for good! What are your favourite products? Have you had a cheeky spend?

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  1. Some lovely things!
    Obsessed with your blog right now!


  2. I love Ciate nail polishes! I have Mistress and can't stop wearing it.
    Mia xo

  3. I like the look of that MAC paint pot! And I am dyiiiiing to try Seche Vite!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. It is so, so nice! Once you go Seche Vite you'll never go back! xx

  4. Such a lovely haul! I am so jealous :D x

  5. I love love LOVE groundwork. All over the eye with a flick of winged liner is my go to day makeup lately! You got some really lovely bits, the Clarins blusher looks stunning too.


    1. Oooohhh might have to try it like that soon! xx

  6. I got the free Ciate polish and pearls in Marie Claire too and it was a really good free gift. Looks so cute when it's on your nails!:)


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