Saturday, 8 June 2013

Life Updates #1 - Where I've Been and a Pretty Sad Story

Hello lovelies! It's been a while, huh? This is going to sound ridiculous, but in the week or so that I haven't blogged, it's felt more like a month and I've been so worried that people would get let down by me not posting but then I thought stuff it.

May has been a pretty rollercoaster month - with my birthday at the beginning, a trip to Manchester with my boyfriend where I spent far too much money and the sun finally making a come through, that all seems like a loooong time ago. Unfortunately my Nan passed away on the 25th quite suddenly. She was in hospital for dehydration and fatigue, but I've definitely seen her in much worse states. On Friday, she was making a Christmas list (I was getting a jumper, apparently!) and on Saturday afternoon she was very sleepy, so me and my sister sat with her whilst she had a good ol' rest. That evening she was the same with my parents, they left with the Doctors approval and said they'd give the ward a ring later on that night. So 9pm came around, Mum called them aaaand we were told to come straight in, we pulled my sister away from her party and we went to see what they had to say. Unfortunately, she'd passed around 30 minutes before we'd got there (so pretty much straight after we called), she went peacefully in her sleep and after trying to resuscitate her, they realised it was her time to leave us and join her husband, my Grandad Fred.

My parents, me and Jess - my sister - were very much involved in her life. My Grandad passed away a year before Jess was born, so me and her have always been a blessing to my Nan - we came at a time when she most needed to take care of someone and pour her love into someone else, and we were the lucky ones. When I was young, me and Jess would stay at hers and we'd have a ham sandwich for supper then get tucked up in her bed. Jess would sneak out and go to sit with Nannan for a couple more hours until one night  I got wise to these goings on and showed them what I was made of!

I needed this time for myself and my family, to help arrange the funeral, her home and I'm afraid I couldn't muster up the motivation to write a post when my heart wasn't really in it. I don't want to give you guys stuff that's not worth reading, so I stepped back and realised that you'll understand!
The funeral was yesterday (Friday the 7th) and it was beautiful - the weather was gorgeous and she would have adored it. It was a small affair but she was very loved by everyone who attended, and of course my Great Auntie Betty who was unable to come due to an illness riddled family :(.
Unfortunately, all my family are hanging on by the final strings at the moment and I'm sure this won't be my only funeral for now, but lets hope it's not too soon.

So I'm verrryyy sorry for being a little AWOL lately, but I hope you understand, and I will be back soon with more posts and maybe a haul post for you!

Much love guys!


  1. Lots of love sweetie, she sounds like a wonderful person xx

  2. Aw lots of hugs Hun, I hope she and Grandad Fred are reunited again xx

  3. Aw i so sorry for your loss :(
    Take as much time as you need!
    Natalie xx

  4. Sorry for your loss, lots of hugs :)

  5. Ahh I'm really sorry to hear about this, hope things get better for you soon xx

  6. sorry to read this, hope you're holding up! x


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