Thursday, 27 June 2013


I recently put my name down to do a summer beauty box swap that Kat was organising and got paired with the lovely Albertine (who said she was a huge fan of my blog - instantly scored brownie points in my book!).
We soon got emailing and discussing what we like and it ended up we were both pretttyy similar, so I decided to get her some of my favourite products. If you'd like to see what I picked up for Albertine, click here!

One of the things I mentioned was that I'd love to try something from Sleek, and lucky me received two products! The i-Divine Storm Palette and a matte True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch. First off, how beautiful is that palette?! As you can see, I got a little finger happy and left my prints in the product, woops... I'm yet to try them out but they swatched beautifully, so pigmented and amazing quality! The lipstick is such a beautiful colour, too!

I really love the Gelly Nail Paints from Barry M and I couldn't resist popping this one on my nails straight away. It's in the shade Pomegranate and has already gained compliments from my mother! I've never tried the Superdrug face masks before but I'm very much looking forward to giving myself a little pamper soon with these! A self-heating face mask? Interesting...

I am considering holding a box swap soon and I'd love to see how you guys felt about it? If you're interested, stick your email below and let's get this thing a-going! 

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  1. You got some lovely things. I had just the best time doing the swap, it was so much fun.

    I can't really afford to do another yet but will definitely want to do another in the future! (Though Fiona, who I was partnered with, and I have talked about doing another one together lol so maybe we won't need to be set up with anyone else) xx

  2. what a fab swap! Loving the Sleek lippie x

  3. I love Gel polishes now. Bloggers influence me as I've bought it after loads of people have said it is amazing! Ha. I was pretty impressed too though. Fab pictures hun and love the blog! Xx

  4. Some lovely things there hun xx

  5. I would love to do a box swap my email is , you got some lovely items x x x

  6. count me in i already have soem on my blog i did recently, i love them lol

  7. oooh this sounds very exciting!!!! xx

  8. I love the idea of doing a box swap! I definitely want to try it at some point in the future. The thought of wrapping everything up all pretty gets me all excited like Christmas haha :) I haven't tried anything from Sleek but that palette looks lovely!


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