Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sorry's Not Good Enough.

Part of me wants apologise for not blogging since February, but we all need a break once in a while don't we? It's just I've taken mine for more than a few months.. 
In fact I've not blogged much since October time I don't think, but in reality I have to remind myself that this blog is not a 9-5 mandatory job. I gain nothing from here besides satisfaction, no income, no perks, just my own personal satisfaction. So if this is all I'm getting I'm not letting anyone down other than myself.

I had to put a hold on blogging because I really wanted to focus on University - which I get my first year results for soon! It was then that everything started happening, I got a job, I had family issues, I wanted a social life and blogging took a back seat. Now I am jobless, still with family issues, most of my uni friends have gone home and I'm back to you guys. 

So what have I been up to?!
Well like I said, I recently quit my job due to feeling very uncomfortable with some people working there. I'm 20, why should I put up with crap and feel scared to work at 20!? There was no way, so I quit and here I am, still searching, but glad to be out of it. 
I went on holiday with my boyfriend and his family a few weeks ago! Currently sporting a mediocre tan and panicking because none of my foundations match - cue running to Boots to find a foundation to suit but absolutely hating all the foundations I buy! First world problems, hey? 

Another thing that stopped me blogging was ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I was very late to the hype and managed to finish both seasons in 2/3 weeks. I want to watch it all again it was so good! 

I also dyed my hair! Because I had been bleach blonde for so bloomin' long, my hair is having a right old nightmare having other dyes stick to it. At first it was brown with a hint of copper, now it's a medium/dark blonde and awaiting another dying session. 

So I think I have a couple of blog posts thought up/planned, but what would you guys like to see?! Definitely give me some hints and your wish shall be my command! 


  1. I definitely agree! We all need a break from time to time. I'm only just started getting back into blogging again.

    Emma x

  2. Thank you, I enjoy your blog as well. It certainly is a journey and as such...filled with ups and downs!
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