Friday, 8 August 2014


As a student that has just come off the phone from her bill providers, I know first hand just how bloody annoying it is. What's more annoying is paying over the odds for bills that you're not even there to use!

BT are offering a broadband deal that is especially designed with students in mind and have created three 9-month packages

BT Broadband

  • For £16 a month (plus £15.99 a month line rental), you would save £96 versus the standard price for Unlimited BT Broadband with Unlimited Weekend Calls.
BT Infinity

  • Only £14 a month (plus £15.99 a month line rental), you would save £138 versus the standard price for BT Infinity 1 Extra broadband with a 40GB download limit and Unlimited Weekend Calls.

  • For £19 a month (plus £15.99 a month line rental), you would save a massive £222 versus the standard price for Ulimited Infinity 1 broadband with unlimited download usage and Unlimited Weekend Calls
Not only this, but all packages come with unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi, free BT Sport online and the BT SmartTalk app.

So you can never miss a moment at home with the unlimited weekend calls to landlines and don't even worry about it taking ages to stream Made in Chelsea, because with fibre optic and an unlimited connection, BT have got your back. And for the men in the house, never miss a match with BT Sport online. 

If you're interested or want to find out more, CLICK HERE and read more on the BT website! Trust me, if I hadn't already set up my bills, I would be signed up to this with the click of the finger. 

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